The First Time I Really Enjoyed It

I have had sex in a car a few times with girls and other boys. The time that sticks out in my mind most was in Middlebury, VT.

I was visiting a friend who was graduating from college - we went out to parties and then the night ended with her going home with her boyfriend to spend the night. I got on her computer and logged into because I was drunk and horny :)

I had met a few guys from there before, but I had only just lost my anal virginity a few months before (a story for another time...) and hadn't tried it again since. The first time had hurt, but I was interested in trying again.

I ended up chatting with a guy in town and he wanted to meet up, so we agreed to meet at a school shuttle stop where he picked me up in his red 2 door cavalier. I didn't really know the town, but we made small talk and he drove us to a secluded parking lot.

Once he stopped the car, i reached over and started to rub his hard **** through his gym shorts... I couldn't believe how slutty i was being and it really turned me on. I ******** down in the front seat, totally naked, which really turned him on. he sucked my **** a little and I went down on him. Then I asked him if he wanted to **** my *** (even though I already knew he did, it just turned me on to say it).

I had brought a condom and he asked if lotion was alright for lube... I didn't care, I was so horny. He had his seat all the way back and I climbed on top of him and straddled him cowgirl style. It took a little work to get his hard **** into my tight ***, I was pretty inexperienced, but he guided it in, I remember he kept telling me to lean back.

When he finally pushed it in me, I remember it felt so good, it didn't hurt like the first time. I felt so sexy and horny, I started riding that ****, grinding my hips. He had his hands on my hips thrusting into me. It wasn't long before I came and blew a huge load all over his chest. Covering his chest in my *** sent him over the edge and he exploded inside me.

We cleaned up a little and drove me back to my friend's room. I never saw him again after that, but within an hour I was already wishing for more ;)

Hope you enjoyed the story... I have more if people like this one I will share those too
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Oh my!! Isn't it the ultimate when orgasming while grinding on a beautiful ****?! So sexy!!

The biggest one I've ever had... Posting here since I can't seem to put it up elsewhere...

So I was feeling very h*rny late one night and put an ad on Craigslist- I luv going through the responses and looking at the pics of hard*ns, just imagining what I can do with them ;) I hit it off with one guy and invited him over...

When he got to my place I answered the door in a tight tee shirt and my very short, very tight jean shorts- I luv that when I get hard, my sissy cl*t sticks out the leg just a little :)

We made a little small talk and then I took him back to my bedroom, where we smoked a little w**d that he had brought for me. While we were hanging out, he kept grabbing my little a** (which I think looks pretty cute in those shorts ;) which really turned me on. I took off my shirt and began to rub my hand over his shorts. I could feel him getting hard and couldn't believe how big it was! I unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and he unbuttoned mine and pulled them down, leaving me in my little black thong. It makes me feel so h*rny and sl*tty to be like that infront of another man! I pulled down his underwear and began to stroke the biggest c*ck I've ever seen... It was at least nine inches and very thick

We got in bed and he asked if I wanted to s*ck it - of course I did! I put a flavored condom on him and lowered my lips to him and began bl*wing him as best I could - it was so big it barely fit in my mouth!

After a few minutes of me choking and gagging, he asked me if I wanted it in my b*tt... I told him I didn't know if it would fit, but I wanted to try. He was laying on his back and I lubed up his huge hard*n and put some lube on my little hole, fingering myself as I stroked him. I asked him how he wanted me, and he told me
Reverse cowgirl so he could watch his d*ck disappear into my a**. I straddled him and pulled my thong to the side (I just luv thongs because u can keep them on) and I held his huge c*ck and placed the tip against my hole... I guided it in as I put my weight on it and pushed out as hard as I could... After a minute of trying, his head popped inside me and i let out a little cry. I slowly worked my way down, moving up and down his shaft until I had him all the way inside me, and I began to work my hips and move up and down as a good little sissy should. As I rode him, his c*ck deep in my a**, I asked him what that hard*n in my butt made me... And he told me it made me his b*tch! That made me feel so s*xy, sl*tty and dirrty.

The he asked me if he could pound me on all fours, so I got off his c*ck and got on all fours, face down *ss up - my aching little hole in the air like a b*tch in heat. He grabbed his c*ck and pushed it all the way into me as I cried out. Then he grabbed my hips and began pounding me harder than I've ever had before, thrusting so deep and hard that his hips and thighs slapped against me with every thrust. I continued to moan and cry out as he used me. He was f**king my *ss so hard I thought the bed was going to break!

He finally sent me over the edge and I came harder than I ever have before - a long continuous stream of my s*ssy come filling my panties. My boi p*ssy contracted and pulsed with my ******, squeezing his huge c*ck and sending him over the edge as he filled the condom deep inside me.

We collapsed onto the bed and he withdrew his huge member, leaving my s*ssy *ss gaping like a good little sl*t.

He stayed for a minute, then got dressed, said his goodbyes and left, leaving my in a blissful, come soaked heap on the bed!

I can't wait for next time!

Oh my God girl!! Wow!!! That's so sexy!!!