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Funny that the avatar for this group is a picture of a police car, 'cuz that's one of the cars I've had sex in.

Some of you might have read that I was dating a cop once.  Well, on a night when he was working I met him for coffee during the first half of his shift as he was solo, the second half he was partnered.

During our coffee time we got into some pretty heavy conversation about what we'd each like to be doing to the other.  I was ok with it because I knew I could go home and take care of my pent up horniness.  He, on the other hand, still had half a shift to go, poor guy.  heehee

He suggested I stick around the coffee shop for a few minutes and that he and his partner would pick me up and drive me home.  That was fine with me because I enjoyed spending as much time with him as I could.

On the way home I noticed that his partner took a rather circuituous route and through a fairly deserted area of the University campus.  Next thing I know, his partner had stopped the car in the loading dock area of the University library.  This part isn't so unusual, actually, as we've stopped here a number of times to drink our coffees undisturbed.  At this time it was about 10:00pm and pretty dark.

Mike, my then boyfriend, got out of the car and opened the back door.  As that is the only way a person in the back seat of a police care can get out I thought that is what he wanted me to do, but he pushed me back in and asked, "where do you think you're going?"

He slid in beside me, not quite closing the door, and started feeling me up.  "Thought you could get me going then go home and take care of yourself?  Well, not before you take care of me!"

OMG! If I was turned on before I was out-and-out gushing now!  It was enough for me to know that I had turned him on (and that I'd probably get it good when he got home), it was even better that he decided not to wait until he got home, but it was such a turn on to have him talk dirty to me and take what he wanted in front of his partner.

His hands were all over me and under my clothes.  He exposed my breasts and nipples and played with them hard, stretching, pulling, twisting, licking and making me squirm.  He slid his hand under my skirt and started fingering me.  ooooohhhhhh man!  I love being fingered.  His partner, Ralph, had turned around in his seat and was watching it all, staring very intently at my exposed ***** and nipples.  Over the top of the front seat I could see his arm moving very rhythmically but couldn't see exactly what he was doing.  No matter, I could well imagine.  Besides, Mike was keeping me too busy to wonder about Ralph.

Mike said, "you got my **** good and hard Baby, now you need to take it in your mouth and finish me."  He just grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed my head down so that his **** went straight into my mouth.  mmm mmm good!  Good God I loved the taste of him, I loved the smell of him, I loved the feel of his tender **** skin on my lips, I even loved the smell of his leather equipment belt....but it was an incredible turn on knowing that Ralph was watching from less than 2 feet away.  At one point Ralph reached over (before all police cars had the shield to divide front from back) and tweaked my nipple while I was sucking Mike.  Mike was making all sorts of noises and dirty comments to me, to Ralph he said, "Ralphy, she's the best **** sucker a man could ever hope to have!"

Minutes laters Mike gushed into my mouth, giving me a huge load to swallow. "Swallow it all Baby, don't let my uniform get dirty."  He had let go of my head but I went on sucking him until I got to the very last, delicious drop and until I could feel him getting soft in my mouth.  I sat up licking my lips and feeling thoroughly sated and horny at the same time.  He leaned over and gave me a very, very hot kiss that melted me all over again.  He spread my legs wide, exposing me some more to Ralph and said, "This is all mine Ralphy.  Anytime, anywhere, anyhow I want it, it's all mine.  Give Ralph a taste Baby.  Coat your fingers and let him taste you."  I did as I was told and not really sure how much Ralph would appreciate getting even hornier, but he licked his lips, smirked and turned around in his seat again.

"We're going to take you home.  Don't touch yourself at all!  I'm going to take care of you when I get home later."

The time spent home, alone, waiting for Mike were some of the toughest, most sexually frustrating hours ever ....but it sure was worth the wait!
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That's so hot!

Yes, it really was. I hope it got you going! lol