Lunch breaks

When my current wife and I first got together, we were both in our first, highly sexually unsatisfying marriages, though we had also been clear to our spouses that we were separating. I got my own place within a few weeks, but she didn't get her own place for about seven months. We both had young children so this made logistics tricky.

We were madly crazy in love, and horny for each other all the time. Even though I was early 40's and she was late 30's...we had so much pent up desire it would explode whenever we could be together.

She had a minivan. So sometimes before work, but more often over lunch hour, we'd drive to a local park, put down the back seat, *****, crawl under a blanket, and make love/have sex/satisfy our deep longings. I'm sure the van was shaking violently at times though we tried to be still...and peaked out of the (fortunately tinted) windows from time to time.
Amazingly we never got caught despite perhaps 50 - 100 such encounters. And somehow we didn't mind the cold of a Minnesota winter (when we started)...tho by April it heated up so fast there was no way we could stand being covered and by May too warm to be enjoyable.

We did get very creative in pleasuring each other in cramped spaces and the ******* were loud and long...they sound different in a car, wondering if anyone outside can hear them!

When she finally got her own place in July it was very nice, felt SO luxurious to be able to spread out, and the sex was still amazing. As it still is many years later...tho we aren't QUITE as hungry now. I sometimes tease her about doing it again and she looks at me like I've lost my mind..."we've got a great bed and shower and floor so why be so uncomfortable?" but it would still be fun for old times' sake.
Terev39 Terev39
46-50, M
May 21, 2012