He Was Watching

I was 18 and my girlfriend was 17 at the time of this experience. It was evident from our first date that she was a very sexual girl. We parked in my car on our first and made out doing everything but actual sex as she was on her period at the time. That summer was one adventure after another as we had sex in so many places. However we probably had sex more in the car than anyplace else which is typical of teenagers. She was always it seemed running a sexual fever which was okay with me.

On this particular night we were driving to a field party and were playing as I drove. Lots of touching and soon she had my **** in her mouth as I drove. At some point she desperately announced that she needed to be ****** and right now. I found a wayside area just next to the highway. One of those places that is more like a turn around with just a picnic table and was tree lined. I pulled in to the wayside and we jumped into the backseat with our clothes frantically being discarded. She could *** the fastest and the most often of any girl I had known. On this particular night she was especially hot and eager. Too soon I was erupting inside of her hungry *****. I knew she was disappointed as she muttered the words "oh, no." I lay inside of her as she closed her eyes. The fact is I was in hopes of regaining an erection while still inside of her. At this point I had an uneasy feeling like someone was watching us. I looked behind me to see a shadowy figure behind us at the back door window. I remember withdrawing from her and turning to see who this was. Suddenly a flashlight came on and pointed right at my girlfriends still spread legs and leaking *****. She still had her eyes closed and was unaware of her provocative display. Then a tap on the window brought her to awareness at the same time I noticed a police badge on his shirt. He ordered me to roll down the window. I remember looking back at my girlfriend who was still stunned and had not yet covered up. The policeman ordered me out of the car and marched me back to his patrol car opening the back door telling me to get in.
He then walked back to my car but on the opposite side where my girlfriend was. I was wondering how he could have caught us and can only determine he must have been traveling down the highway the opposite way and noticed my car. He then must have turned around and turned his headlights off and cruised into the wayside behind my car. My girlfriend was very vocal when having sex and of course I probably wouldn't have heard a mack truck pulling in.

I saw the back door open and could make out that he was standing right up close to my back seat. I suppose he was talking to my girlfriend. But time rolled along and it must have been close to ten minutes before he returned to his patrol car. All the time I was wondering what was going on, like maybe he wanted to make sure she was of age or checking for drugs. But then I thought that something else might be taking place. I knew my girlfriend was a very horny girl and my imagination was going wild.

Eventually the cop came back, opened the door to let me out but never said a word. He just got in his car and drove out of the wayside. I went back to my car and my girlfriend was just then beginning to dress. I knew she had been naked the entire time the cop had been talking to her. When I asked her what in the hell happened she only replied. 'Nothing much, I took care of it." As much as I tried to get her to tell me more she never did, she would just smile.
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That is a damn hot story!


Wow, what a girlfriend!<br />
Thanks for sharing that!

Thanks for your comments. I have had similar experiences while a teen boy with girls and friends where we shared. Maybe you right as I found I replayed that evening a lot in my mind and it only excited me more. She was extremely sexual and she wouldn't have hesitated to do something with him as I look back on it.

I understand your girlfriend as I have always been a very sexual person. I just love sex, crave it and always ready to have sex although it was only with hubby until recently. I'm so easily aroused and when in high arousal am ready for anything.

Wow, that experience was so freakin hot. I bet she pleased that cop and I think you know she did. Maybe experiences like that affected your desire to share your wife.