Sex On The Car, Actually. For My Readers, Hospital Bj's (part 2)

About a week after the hospital incident, I had gotten off work and drove by my girlfriend (Sam)'s work to wait until it was time for her to be off. She was a manager at a hair cutting chain, ocassionally doing a haircut if a regular came by, but mostly just greeting and keeping the books straight.
Since I did not explain in the last story, I must list her stats in this one. Sam was a knockout, nothing short of! She stood about 5' 6", 115 lbs. She had liquid blue eyes, short blonde hair with light cream colored complexion skin that did not have a blemish anywhere. Her breasts were a perfect size with nipples no normal bra could contain in a moment of excitement. Legs and hips that tapered up in a perfect hour glass shape. Damn, I miss that woman's body! I entered the shop and flopped down in an empty chair to wait for the 30 minutes or so she had left of her shift. Sam was in an animated but whispered conversation with what turned out to be her district manager, a 40ish good looking woman with red hair. As they were talking, I noticed that the manager kept swinging her eyes in my direction with a slight flush on her face and a small grin. I finally realized that Sam was filling her boss in on our sexcapades from the week prior in the hospital. They both walked over to where I was sitting, her boss exclaimed "You both are so naughty!" and then giggled and asked me "Is everything healed and ready to go?", blushing. Sam reached over and gave my groin a slight squeeze right in front of her boss! "Oh he's not going to need this, He owes me BIGTIME! And I intend to collect today!" The manager look shocked and giggled again and then said her goodbyes as she left. Sam was dressed in a sundress that came down to mid thigh and as her boss was heading out the door, she raised up the back of her dress to show me the black thong she was wearing. My **** jumped instantly because one of her best assets was her ***! 2 perfectly formed luscious lumps of pure bliss! I leaned forward and snaked a finger real quick across the mound that was peaking just forward of the butt, flicking across her butthole as I pulled back, momentarily forgetting that there were still other workers cleaning up their stations in the shop. By and by, these other girls finished up and came over to the desk to punch out. While they were bent over the computer, I saw Sam raise up a side of her dress and fumble around front for a few seconds, and then as she was saying goodbye to the girls, she reached back and shoved two soaking wet fingers into my mouth. She had hooked a sizable amount of her puss juice onto her fingers and once I smelled that sweet musk, I greedily sucked it all off of them. She pulled away, went and locked the door and pulled the blinds down, turned off the open sign. Upon returning she bent over, pulling down and stepping out of her thong, she shoved them in my face. "Smell it and lick that crotch! My *** is all over them. I was thinking about the other day and I've been wet and fingering myself all day!" She sat down on my leg and I could feel the heat and wetness from her slit on my thigh. She stroked my engorged **** through my jeans, shifting her damp thong around my face as I sniffed and licked her dew from them. "I've decided you had WAY too much fun the other day and now its my turn. Your going to eat my ***** all night whenever I want it, until I cannot *** any more!" She got up from my lap, leaving a spot of dampness on my leg and spun the chair around and laid it flat. I was looking straight up at the ceiling as she stood over my face and offered me a full view of her vagina. Her **** was perfect, always shaved bald even around the butthole, no evidence of her inner lips showed even when aroused, the wetness would always seep through. "First I want you to *** **** me with your tongue." She spread her sweet cheeks and straddled my head and plopped her sweet bung down on my mouth. Her odor from her stink hole turning my member rock hard as I plunged my tongue as deep as it would go into her *** and wiggled it and pulled it out, then back in just as she requested, *** ******* her and also sucking her brown eye too. I could feel her stroking her ***** meat as I licked her *** and then she ground into me hard, almost cutting my air of totally as she came explosively, her dribbling down my chin and neck. She moaned loudly during this, "ONE!" she screamed. She came out of her straddle, pulling her ******* off of my tongue and lips, almost falling over. "Legs are shaky." she chuckled weakly. After she recovered she brought my chair back up and told me enough for now, let's go home. I plucked her thong off the chair and held it out to her, "No need." and grinned at me mischievously. We walked outside, she locked up the place and we hopped in the car and off we went. Her *** taste and smell on my face and lips keeping my ***** raging.
We merged onto a busy highway, me in the driver seat, Sam in a WAY more comfortable position, feet apart on the dash, dress pulled up to her stomach, puss showing as she fingered her **** and **** hole in a slow frenzy. The bulge in my jeans was almost becoming dangerous, had to adjust the tilt to keep it from messing with the steering wheel! I was finding it very hard to keep my eyes off her, as she shuddered in another climax, she yelled "Doesnt count, it wasnt in your mouth!" We went another few miles when she suddenly sat up and pointed "There!" The place she indicated was a cut out/ break down area that the county was neglecting to maintain. The grass in this area was almost shoulder high to me on each side of the lane I noticed as I pulled off. When I had come to a stop, Sam crawled over almost in my lap, kissing me hard straddling me, and began humping my crotch with her naked crotch. I opened my door and stood up with her still wrapped around me. I picked her up off of my body after I stood up and layed her back on the roof of the car and rucked her dress up and buried my face in her steamy wet ******. I sucked her **** in between my lips and teeth and began to lightly nibble, alternating between sucking it in and out, making full use of my lips and tongue on her ****, her juices flowing into my mouth as she began having a series of *******. She screamed out loud, everytime she hit the high spot, losing count of her explosions, she began to **** my face with her groin, pulling my head in and out of her delicious quim. My face was covered pretty much from the top of my cheeks to under my chin with her tangy, nectary dew. I tried to swallow every drop of it, loving the taste of her ***.
Her feet rolled back in a final explosion, filling my mouth with a huge gout of her sweetness and she plopped back on the roof, breath heaving in and out. She sat up, and as she did, cars going by a few feet away, started honking. While she was flat, the tall grass kept her hidden but when she sat up, everybody could see, including the fact that her dress had not slid back down to cover her erect nipples. I grabbed her off the roof, and she got back in the car and we decided to take off before the law showed up.
She leaned back in the seat, smiling. "That was so ******* good, my **** hurts. I don't think I can *** anymore." " We'll see." I said as I laughed. I showed her that I still had a throbber. She reached over and stroked me and told me before the night was over, she wanted my *** in all of her 3 holes. My answer to that was me easing that gas pedal down a little bit more!
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