Outside The Club

I was at the Mint last week for the 50 Shades of Grey party with so friends. It was packed and I was dancing with some friends when I saw him. He was older but clearly in shape and very handsome. Pretty soon we were throwing down a few shots and grinding, hard. After maybe an hour of dancing and drinking, he grabbed me by the hand, and whispered all the dirty things he wanted to do to me in my ear. We left the club and he led me to his car. A big black Escalade. As soon as he shut the door his hands were all over me. He was taking control the way I like and kissing me hard as he pushed me down across the back seat. I was laying on my back as he snuck his hand up my dress and found I wasn’t wearing any panties. He smiled and went right to rubbing my **** and pumping his fingers in and out of me. I was moaning loud, not even trying to be quiet. He fingered me until I was dripping wet. I undid his pants and before I could even stroke his penis more than twice he was pulling me onto his lap. I put my hands on the top of the seats and pushed down, letting my ***** go all the way down on his hard, thick, ****. We did this for about couple of minutes then he laid me back down on my back and put my legs on his shoulders, thrusting into me hard. I started rubbing my **** as he ****** me and pretty soon I came hard. He was biting at my neck a little and whispered into my ear, "I want you to swallow my ***". He pulled out of me and sat back and I leaned over and slid my mouth over the length of his ****. It didn’t take long before he flooded my throat with his ***. We exchanged numbers, and I walked to my car to go home.
hazdaddyissues hazdaddyissues
Nov 25, 2012