Sun Roof Fun

My ex had a jacked up sexy as **** truck. Every time he started it up, my ***** would throb. One night we were out for a drive, and I wanted him right then and there. I scooted across the seats and started rubbing him through his wranglers. He got the hint and pulled off the road. He scooted to the middle of the bentch seat and pulled me ontop of him. He pulled my shirt and bra off at the same time. He started sucking on my nipples. pulling on them with his teeth.drove me wild. I started dry humping him, making him harder. He slid his rough hands into my jeans and started roughly rubbing my swollen ****. soaking my panties. He opened the sun roof and told me to bend over the roof, I did as he said. (I loved when he told me what to do) the pulled my jeans off, moved my panties aside and started licking up my wetness. Making me scream. (We were in the middle of nowhere, so it didnt matter)
He started fingering my pussing, going slow as he licked me. I felt him stand up behind me, it was a tight fit with both of us standing in the sun roof. I felt him slide into into me. He moved me with him as he thrusted into me. He reached around and started rubbing my **** hard. He was thrusting so hard the hole truck was moving. I could tell from his grunts that was about to ***. so I reached down and pushed his hand harder on my ****, pushing me over the edge. I came so hard it started dripping down my legs. He nelt down behind me and started cleaning me up with his tounge. Once he was done, he smacked my *** and told me to get dressed.
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so hot dear!!!

Hot *** story baby please add me

Great story :)

hot and wild! good one...

way to go girl ! !

Lovely story. Thank you for sharing.

Great story. Thanks for sharing.