Kelly Drive

It was Sunday afternoon, and my unknowing wife-to-be (UWTB) was due to catch her train back home, 100 miles away. She was very wistful as we headed downtown towards the Amtrak station. We allowed plenty of time to spare, so as we got closer, I parked the car under the Strawberry Mansion Bridge, which crosses the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, to enjoy the last fleeting moments of our weekend. It is not exactly a secluded place. A jogging/bike path runs in front of where our car was parked. I could hear kids playing somewhere in the parking lot behind us. Suddenly, my UWTB decides that she is going to give me a ******* right there in the car! She unfastened my jeans, and started pulling them down, as I raised my *** up out of the seat a little. With great efficiency, she slid my boxers along in unison with my jeans, and started working on my already attentive ****. I nervously looked around as people walked dogs, rode bikes, roller skated, and jogged by right in front of us! Thankfully, nobody was really paying much attention to us inside our car. That day, she showed just how much she could love me by taking my load inside her throat, and swallowing it down like she just had a shot of tequila! I looked around for a lemon wedge, but there weren't any! ;-)

A look at the clock necessitated us to proceed to the station. I'll never forget how emotionally sad she was to have to leave, nor how emotionally high she made me that day through the thrills she gave me!

You know, no matter how bad things may get at times, I will always have a soft spot for her for giving me these fond memories of firsts in my life.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012 you're gonna make me glad you two have those type of memories to hold onto.... :)

You know GG, I guess one of the reasons I was able to be so patient with her is that she had the patience to show a virgin a lot of firsts.... ;-)

Exactly, it's those "first" moments that seem to have an everlasting effect on people.... ;)

Don't I know it.... ;-)

Be thankful for having those special moments...not everyone has them... ;)

I am thankful.... just also a bit wistful... wondering if they should have been with someone else...

LOL... ;)

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Great...Sexy story.

Sorry to hear about some of your personal issues on your pther stories.

Have faith.

Thank you! I think the one thing that amazes me the most is how we've been able to sustain a fairly exciting sex life through everything else. I guess that's the importance of a physical attraction in the first place?