Vw Beetle

A friend of mine in college introduced me to a gorgeous black girl whom I had never seen before on campus. I have only dated white girls, but this gal was a knock out. When our eyes met we both knew that there was something happening between us.

I owned a beige 1967 Beetle which wasn't the best car for getting laid, but it was all I could afford. After a few dates I asked Charlotte to take a night time drive with me to the beach. The stars were out and it was beautiful but chilly so we stayed in the back seat with the front seats pushed forward.

After a lot of heavy petting, Charlotte pushed me away. I asked her what was the matter and she admitted she had never seen a white boy naked before. And for that matter she had never been naked in front of anyone. I asked her if now was a good time to experiment and she said she wasn't sure. I asked her if she wanted me to undress and she said no, she would rather undress me herself.

The car was warm and she took off my jacket, throwing it into the front. Next came my shirt. I'm kinda hairy and she played with my chest kissing my nipples and neck. She squirmed around and managed to take off my loafers and then one sock at a time. I could see she was getting turned on because her nipples were getting hard. She licked her lips as she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my slacks and pulled down the zipper. I lifted my hips as she tugged off my slacks leaving me in my underwear with a raging hard on. Charlotte gently placed her long fingernails inside the waistband of my shorts and slid them down my legs. When I was nude, she just stared at my body. I took her hand and placed it on my member as she gently rubbed it and caressed my balls. She said it was her first time with a man, not just a white man.

While she was playing with my body I leaned forward and while kissing her I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off her shoulders. She shivered as I un clasped her bra and removed it. We were semi lying down in the back as I unzipped her shorts and took them off. She had already kicked off he shoes and was barefoot. I pushed her panties aside and began massaging her vagina. She was already extremely wet. She was moaning as I pulled off her panties. The site of white skin against black was amazing. I repositioned myself as she took my penis and inserted it into her hot slippery hole. We ****** for what seemed forever and when I came I pulled out and shot all over her **** and abdomen. White ***** on a naked black chick is amazing. We fell into each others arms and held each other tightly.

We dated for almost a year and had many more sexual adventures. She was my first black woman and I was her first man. I eventually traded the VW in for a Cadillac with a much bigger seat.
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My first real date where something other than nudity happened when I took this beautiful black woman to a High School dance. She was a Senior and I was a Junior. Great story! Thanks

I enjoyed having sex with her, but in a beetle it was difficult. Much better in the Caddy.