It was probably the most exciting sex I've had but it wasn't very pleasing.
Me and my ex were driving home one night through Palmdale and we had been discussing having sex in his car and I was pretty horny so i told him take the back roads. Which if you've ever been to Lancaster or Palmdale CA you know those mountian roads are pretty desolate at night. So we drove a few minutes then he slows down and takes it off road and my heart is racing. "This close to the road " i ask. "Yeah we'll be fine" he replied with such confidence I believed him. We pulled a little farther off the road and he shut the engine off and all the lights so it was pitch black with the exception of the faint city lights adjacent to us.
I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest I was so nervous about someone driving by. But all that fear vanished when he reached over and started fondling my breast taking my shirt off. I felt myself get wet at the idea of us having sex in is car. We started kissing very passionately it was fire. Even in the chilly night the internal temperature was rising quick. Then he was too aroused the fingers that had found themselves inside me weren't enough any more and he told me to get in the back seat. So completely naked save my skirt ,I got out of the car the cold desert wind making my nipples even more erect. I climbed in the back seat and he did the same. It was a bit awkward due to his 6'7 frame and the small Mitsubishi Evo. We tried a few different positions and we finally settled with doggy. Which just happens to be my personal favorite. And with the new position he pushed all the way inside me and his huge **** hit all the right spots all at once and I nearly came then and there.i moaned his name and he just kept pounding into me making me drip onto the leather interior. The inside of the car was all fogged up by now , nice and hot. I felt him getting close he grabbed my hips with one arm and my **** with the other and Real gave it to me hard for a few more strokes making me press my hands to the window so not as to go crashing into it. I was so close I could feel he was about to release so like the good girl I am I asked him to fill me with his *** in his car and he moaned as he left his hot fresh *** inside me. I told him he couldn't drive with a *** covered **** so we both got out of the car and I dropped down to my knees on the hard sand and licked him clean. Then we got dressed and I got into the front seat still leaking *** all over his seat because i hadnt worn any pantiew with my denim skirt .i looked into the back at the mess we had made, and was satisfied that I had pleased my man. He took me in his car with such a high risk of revealing ourselves and that alone is enough to make me horny now;)
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Sex in a car is usually about lust not pleasure.


Fun lol

So much fun(:

Wow there you go again - well written! This should be your new featured story!

Eh it's poorly written in my opinion but I'm glad you enjoyed it(: and I might just feature it!