Cars That Shake

Call me crazy, but I really think having sex in cars that shake or vibrate a lot when they're idling add a lot to the whole experience! I never realized how much girls can actually get turned on from sitting in a car that shakes when its just stopped and running.
Firefighter343 Firefighter343
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Over the weekend my wife and I had sex in her friend's car that was at our house for me to fix. First and foremost, please understand that this isn't something that happens when people trust me with their vehicles. My wife said her friend is the type that would be turned on by this happening so I just went with what she said lol.
So the car was there because it would hardly idle without stalling and would stall if as soon as she started to try and drive. Well it kept stalling when I started checking it out and I was getting pretty pissed of about it so I asked my wife if she could come out to help by simply sitting in it and keeping it running for me. At one point I needed a break to get a drink so I told her she could turn it off for now. She said she would just stay there and keep it running, I didn't think anything of it because it took a long time to get started again when it would stall. So I came back and worked a little longer until I found the problem. Later on she asked me if I needed help again with it and when I said no she seemed pretty bummed out. That night she told me again that she wanted to help. At this point I realized something was up because she has never wanted to help lol. I started asking why the sudden interest and she couldn't really give me an answer. After a lot of back and forth I just finally asked if sitting in that car while it was violently shaking to a stall turned her on. She practically jumped on me when I asked so I was pretty clear the answer was yes lol. She didn't waste any time at all telling me we WERE going to have sex in that car that night. Well we did, and let me tell ya, it was pretty crazy! We have done it in cars before that vibrated badly but nothing like this car, plus I was never positive she liked it. This car was that bad that you could literally just stop and the car took over. It was absolutely awesome! There is no way to even accurately describe how good it felt for us both lol!
Im telling you, dont knock it until you try it because it was not what I expected and I've always been turned on by the thought of a girl being turned on by her car that vibrates or shakes while she's stopped.