Drive-in Theater

Are there many people out there that remember going to an outdoor theater. It really was fun. You would pick up your speaker and hang it from your window. It was almost like being at your own private movie. There may be people nearby, but they are not sharing the same armrest as you. You feel more safe and secure in your own viewing room. There were the times that I actually went to see the movie. There were times that I went there to neck (kiss). There were times that I knew that I might get lucky. Everything you hoped to do, depended upon the partner you had, or the time in your relationship that you knew how far you could go. I always respected their right to say no or to take advantage of me. Many times there were attendants that walked around with flashlights, looking for those people who were steaming up there car windows. I had never been caught, but I had heard of many that had. Once in awhile you might look at the car next to you and see a pair of legs in the air, or the car was moving in a way that you knew what was happening. I have run the gamet from makingout, to fingering her, to jumping into the backseat. I did alot of kissing with those that I was serious about. I did alot of fingering with those that I wanted. I also kissed and fingered and jumped in the backseat with those that I thought loved me too. The drive-in theaters would ocassionaly play an R-rated movie that would help to heighten the excitement of the evening. I would go to some of these it I was going to get into her pants. Well, this one night, my girlfriend and I went out and there was a hot movie playing. We would begin by making out and some petting. Soon things would get hotter and we would get into eachothers pants and mutually ********** eachother. One of my girlfriends would just go wild when I fingered her. She kissed me like it was going to be her last. She was very turned on so I knew that we needed to get into the backseat fast. Of course, we had to make this seat change without drawing attention from the guys with the flashlights. We were so hot and our pants were already undone, so it didn't take much to pull our pants and underware off. Because of the chance of getting caught we thought we were getting away with something, and that just added to the excitement. Because we were so hot, I did not go down on her. I figured that we could do that at home. We folded the front seats forward, and got into position, and soon we were ******* like two young kids. We were two young kids. I was so hot and so was her *****, that we pounded eachother hard getting to the point that we both wanted so bad. We would both *** and cleanup while trying to find eachothers clothes to put back on. We had to very carefully get back into the front seat without drawing to much attention to our selves. I loved those days of inocense, and I really miss the feeling and love we all gave eachother.

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oh yes

Ah yes. The good old days. I never had any intention of watching the movie when I'd carry a girl to the drive-in. It was a good place to park and see how far I could get. There was one local girl, the kind that my mother told me to stay away from, that my best buddy and I loved to get to go with us. The type that you love to get your hand on and your **** in but don't wnat to be seen with in public. Whenever she got in the car with us, we'd head for the drive-in and all would know why. She had some damn fine *****. Oh, I''d love to back up in time, sometimes.

The small town I live in actually used to have 2 drive in theaters! Now, we only have one, and my husband and I behave ourselves and don't even fog up the windows when we go. I do remember the days of hot sex in the backseat, or on the reclining front seats. Yep, I miss those days, too.

I agree. The drive-in was great for making it a great time. I couldn't even drive and my cousin took his GF and me and my GF to the drive-in. We both ended up ******* our GF's in the car at the same time. What a hot time that was. ******* in the front seat and ******* in the backseat. If I had thought of it the hottest thing to have done was to swap GF's and **** each others GF's. That was before I was old enough to think of such kinky things. Dammit!! LOL.