Tight Times

Well I lived in a house car with my boyfriend for some time traveling through parts of Europe. We had sex in every spot of it, every little surface and piece of wall, while he drove I would suck him or sit on his lap taking his **** inside me. It was kind of exiting as he didn't really dare to look at me much, keeping his eyes on the road, and I could feel his struggles to control himself and keep attention on driving... then  he would pull over and push me hard against the steering wheel, ******* me ferociously, or dragging me into the back of the car with a tight grip on my neck or throat.

Of course the space was a little limiting and not all fantasies could be lived out. But it had its great advantages too, the tight passages made it very difficult to not have sex all the time, when we moved around the car trying to do other things we always got pressed up against each other. Now, I'm a quite impatient person and hate to stand and not do anything, so while waiting to get by him I would have to start  stroking him, caress his his **** through his pants or start kissing him. At other times being in this  squeeze I would just get frustrated at the delay to do what I was about to do... this of course, him being very dominant and all, always led to him grabbing me, with rough hands pulling my *** to him while I struggled to walk past him. He would open my pants and force a hand up my ***** as the other hand gripped hard around my chest or throat, him clearly enjoying the look of half surprise and sudden lust mixing with my slightly annoyed attitude...

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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Ah yes, please do, Deltaboy!....a good way to single out the horniest by drivers too, since these would most likely be the ones loosing control of the wheel...! ;-)<br />
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Yes,Darling Emanon....And then,we would have to stop the car so I could bend you over the bonnet,and **** your brains out by the roadside-do you think the sight might cause a few collisions?Hee hee hee......

Oh, yes that's a very good position, Deltaboy! I could go on forever doing that, till my jaws were beyond sore, carefully licking and sucking exploring every bit of it's hardness with my tongue and then have it pound deep down my throat...

Hmmmm...just as I imagined it with you and I....perhaps more with you on your knees,sucking as I drove?