I Did, But It Was In My Front Yard, Lol.

I had never had sex in a car, ever... so one night after coming back from the bar, I suggested it to m husband (we were just together back then)... At first, he did not want to, he said why would we, when we have our very own bed in the house.  I pulled into the house and I stayed in the car.  He asked me if I was coming in with him, I told him not until we ******.  He kinda looked at me, and got back into the car. I have an Explorer, so I put the back seats down, and we both climbed into the back of it... I felt like we were sneaking around, it was exciting, even though we were in our own front yard at 2 o'clock in the morning.  He was not feeling it, so I unzipped his pants, and I started sucking his ****.  He immediately got hard, and I slipped off my pants and climbed on top.  I was riding his ****, and my knees were getting sore (the carpet was not soft), so we put a jacket under him, and that helped... I came after about ten minutes, we switched positions. I was on my back, and had one leg on each window of my backseat.  He put his **** in me, and really got into it.  He pounded my ***** so hard, it hurt.  And then he came inside me... We cleaned up, and went inside.  It was fantastic, even though we were just outside our own house, lol.

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Very hot ! car/truck sex is always hot and passionate! mmmm

Well i'm so glad you were able to experience this and a Explorer god that is like a bed on wheels compared to what i ****** in way back when!! I had a 71 Pinto course you probably never seen one of those but it was small!!

I loved your story and fully understand. For years after my wife and I were married and had 3 kids, we would get away on ocasion, find a parking spot and **** in the car for old times sake - like the premariage days. It continued until we were up in our mid 40's and loved it.