Lunchtime With My Co-worker

I went out for lunch with a married friend of mine from work on Monday.  While driving there out of the corner of my eye I caught a small glimpse of her thigh as I noticed her stockings only went half way up her thigh - I love those and think it's so sexy to know she is wearing them under her skirt so I reached over and put my hand on her leg, feeling the stocking then moving up and felt the skin of her amazing legs.  This made both of us smile, and both of us even hornier as we had already been messaging all morning about how we wanted each other.

I kept rubbing her leg and moving under her skirt I pushed my hand between her legs which she opened for me - I love how hot she gets whenever I touch her, it's such a turn on.  After a couple minutes we parked at the restaurant and looked at each other and both of us had a look of desire in our eyes so we started to kiss very deeply and passionately right there - some of our co-workers eat there but we didn't care who could see us in that moment.  She reached down immediately and rubbed my hard **** through my pants, I grabbed her hair and pulled her into me.

After only a couple minutes of torturous playing in the open parking lot I told her that she was the only thing I wanted for lunch and she breathlessly agreed, the only problem was the parking lot was far too open and busy for anything more so we decided to go to our favourite spot which is a lot behind a grocery store and luckily only a couple blocks away (we go there at least once a week) however it seemed like an eternity driving there with a throbbing erection in my pants and my hand on my favourite wet *****.

After getting there I scrambled into the back and had my pants undone and off like a superhero before she could even get there which allowed her to climb right onto my lap and start riding me immediately - the feeling was so intense because of the anticipation and the fact that we just couldn't do anything but have each other right then and there.  I'll spare you the boring details of the sex (just kidding) but it was very intense in the back seat and we both came together very loudly - I hope there was a lot of noise outside that day because someone surely would have heard otherwise.

I have never had a better sandwich from the vending machine than that afternoon!

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5 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Wow! That is hot! Where do you work? I want to change jobs to work with you! lol xoxo

A nooner and in a car, quite a story

I used to live 6 blocks from my workplace and went home for nooners quite often and they are great!!! Never tried the car thing though, that's hot!

I have had a few different female co-workers over the years that there has been a strong sexual vibe between us. I however can honestly say that I never acted on it and kept it simply as a flirtatios game that we played. One of them quite a few years ago told me she had had a dream the night before of having my baby. Another told me how she was going through lazer hair removal for EVERYTHING, knowing my weakness for shaved bodies. Of course I was sure to tell her of the tattoo that I got that I also had to be completely shaved to get and see.

Those naughty nooners can sure be a lot of fun!