In A 1962 Rambler Station Wagon

My parents owned a 1962 Rambler Station Wagon and it was in that very car that I first deep kissed, fondled a girls breasts, felt up a girl, gave oral sex and lost my virginity; and not all in the same single experience.

I had been dating a girl, who later became my wife, and the 1962 Rambler Station Wagon became our little love-making nest.  We would go on a date, have dinner and go to a movie, drive in move to be exact.  It didn't matter what the feature film was because we always parked in the very rear of the parking lot to begin with.

It was in that car that I first deep kissed her and then experienced for the first time of unbuttoning her blouse and fondling her breasts.  Talk about a rush for a young man.  Over the course of the next few weeks, our gropings became more intense and she finally let me feel all the way up her skirt until I got to her panties.  I can recall how it felt as I moved up her stocking covered leg and then came to the bare skin at the top of her hose.  Panty hose had not hit the scene yet, so girls still wore garter belts and hose.  When I reached that point the next stop was to touch and fondle her through her panties.

Because we were afraid that we might get caught, we started finding parking spots that were concealed and there was not a chance that we might get caught.  One of our favorite spots was on a turn-row on the farm that my parents owned.  It was secluded and at night we could pull into the turn-row, follow it to the end and park with no one ever suspecting that we were there.  It was easy enough to navigate with the headlights off, since I knew it like the back of my hand.

It was there that we first got naked together and I would finger her, and suck on her nipples,  while she *********** me.  I well remember the first time that I kissed all the way down her belly and licked the most of feminine places and experienced what a woman tasted like.

Just before I left to join the military, we decided we couldn't wait any longer and three nights before I left, we lost our virginities, together.  The next two nights were composed of lots of me going down on her until I would make her *** and then we'd **** for the rest of the night, until it was time for me to take her home.

I was gone for four months, before I got my first leave.  The very first night that we were together, we headed to our favorite parking spot and took up where we had left off.  It was during that first leave, that I also earned my "red wings".  The second night that we were back together, we were parked and everything was progressing nicely, until I was ready to feel under her skirt and she told me that she had started her period that morning and I might not like what I found, if I went any further.  I pondered the predicament momentarily and decided that a little blood wasn't going to hurt a thing.  So for the first time, I experienced 'period sex', and tasted a woman in her full glory and then I got to make love to her.  That started a lifelong enjoyment of having sex with a woman when she is having her period.

Those were indeed very enjoyable moments spent in the back seat of a 1962 Rambler Station Wagon.  Actually it was spent in both the front and back seats, since the front seat-backs would let down flat and we had the comfort of lots of room without being cramped.

I do love to go back in my memory and remember all the wonderful hours that we spent.  Those were the days, my friend, that we thought would never end.

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hello gettinsum. One of the other cars that I had some good experiences in was in the bed of my father's 1952 Ford Pick-up. I've spent many a pleasant evening under the stars in that one, too.<br />
That was especially good during the hot summer nights in West Texas.

1960 Ford Ranchero, but all the rest is the same or very close to it