Hot Tub

I went to a friends birthday hot tub party, when i arrived i noticed most the girls were topless. my friend quickly told me she wanted a birthday with lots of sexy n dirty people, so her boyfriend arrange a hot tub sex party.
To cut a very long night short, I ended up having sex with 6 guys and playing with 5 girls in her hot tub x
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10 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Yum nights; don't cut the story short :D

you'll never forget that nite.

Please send some pictures.

Would love to hear more details!!!

great start would love to read more about the night u have some great stories

Sounds like one hell of a party! Glad you had fun =P

It's a shame you cut that story short, I think there's a lot of frustrated guys on EP that you've made very hard

Yes, please continue......

I'm with the others I'd like to hear the real long version of that story!

I would also like to hear the long story. . . and see a few photos!