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Hot Time In The Hot Tub

My wife and I were at a Bed and Breakfast in the mountains, and had a hot tub on our private balcony. I wasn't sure my wife would want to go nude in the hot tub, afraid of somehow being seen, but she actually suggested it. We were out in the hot tub our first night, glasses of wine, stars overhead. After a while, my wife came over to me and straddled me, and guided me into her. She was totally into it, and moaning and screaming in pleasure, so loud that I was wondering if the other people at the B&B could hear. After she had several *******, we switched positions. She was sitting, leaning back, with me on top. With each thrust, alternating being deep inside her, and my *** feeling the cold breeze of being out of the hot water.

We repeated this the other two nights of our stay...
jasonk jasonk 41-45 1 Response Oct 18, 2010

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Sounds like this was fun for both of you!