Hot Tub Sex Is Hot!

My ex and I used to love to go naked into the hot tub attached to our pool in the back yard.  Sometimes we would just touch each other as a little foreplay, and save the sex for after we returned to the house.  But on some especially warm days, when the water was nice and hot and bubbly, we would get nastier!  She would love to sit where one of the jets would shoot bubbles into the small of her back, and the bubbles would be diverted in all directions, including many of them going downward, though her crack and between her legs!  And she absolutely LOVED that!  She would then lift her body up a bit so the stream was directly hitting her anus and/or her *****!  Sometimes she would have me move in front of her, and she would suck my **** as the bubbles violated her from the rear!!  lol  And when it got too intense for her, and she would take a break, I would probe her ***** lightly with my fingers, and was always delighted when air would escape from her *****!  It was as though the pool had *** inside her, and it was coming out!!
Though we tried actual intercourse a few times, at that time I was suffering from ED, and really had trouble getting it hard enough to penetrate her underwater, even with lube.  After my surgery to correct the ED, we weren't together long enough before our marriage started falling apart to have tried it successfully in the pool.
Since then, I've entered the LifeStyle, and go to a number of LifeStyle house parties where they have pools.  And I do love to put a little waterproof lube on my rock-hard ****, and slip my **** inside a woman's *****!  There is something special about how the water makes our bodies buoyant, and how the water sloshes around as I **** her!  I have one ladyfriend who loves to take a deep breath and suck my **** underwater!  She's very proud of how long she can stay under, and I tell you it feels amazing!  At one party, there were two very attractive BBWs in the hot tub with me, and they both took turns sucking my ****.  It was wonderful!  But the best so far is when I met a pretty young woman, probably around 29, and her boyfriend, and as he was French kissing her and pinching her nipples, he suggested I **** her in the ***!  Well, I wasn't about to pass up THAT opportunity!  So I slid my long,hard **** into her tight young ***, and ****** her as her boyfriend held her.  It was pretty damned hot!
Yes, hot tub sex is amazing, and I'm always looking for more!
EverlastOC EverlastOC
51-55, M
Nov 23, 2011