Against All The Walls

My parents had a deep hatred for my boyfriend. They threatened to send a few guys round to his place, beat the **** out of him and then bring me back home. My boyfriend wasn't a stranger to a good fight, in fact he had warrants out for his arrest due to fighting. But he decided to leave the state since he lost the place we were staying at, and since I didn't want to move, we decided it would be best to break up.

I was devastated when I got home, but my old friend Corey, who I hadn't seen in 2 years came to see me. He had come by looking for me a while ago, but I was living with my boyfriend. When my parents told him why they hated my boyfriend, he was the one that made the threat of going round their with a couple of guys to grab me, and beat him up.

He put his hand on my leg, smiled and asked me if I was afraid of him. My parents didn't know much of his history but I did, which was quite an extensive criminal record. I smiled though and shook my head.

We ended up drinking together and since it was a hot night we got into my spa. We talked and laughed, which led to him pulling me into his lap. He told me he liked me and that he had ever since he met me. We began kissing, which led to grinding my hips into him. I could feel that he was really hard, so I reached down and just stroked him a bit. After I stopped, he slipped my shorts aside and put his finger in me a few times before going under water. He began to lick me from underneath the water, and I was shocked he was able to hold his breath for so long- I had to give him credit though, he was under for a long time.

When he came back up, I was so worked up, I wanted him so bad, we kissed like crazy, then he slipped his shorts down and drove it inside me. I have a very large spa, so he ****** me against the wall, into the corner, held me in the middle and ****** me as hard as he could. I had never had sex like that in my entire life, it was amazing. Then we went inside and he ****** me again on my bed. I was able to properly see how big he was and my god, he was huge. I could feel it a lot better too, not being in the water and it hurt when he rammed it into me over and over, but at the same time I loved it. He pulled out as he came, then laid back on my bed. We were so exhausted we just fell asleep.
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