A Whirlpool

i have had sex in a whirlpool . on me and E mini vacation to up the road . a whole 20 mins away. we had sex so much that nite which i enjoyed . we had sex in a whirlpool . she told me don't bring a condom . not going to happen. while i didn't listen . i brought one anyways .  we began to make out . there was another room  in front of us on his laptop. while  i used my hands . i played with her tight ***** . and she  says i want you . so she moves her bathing suite so i can make love to her .i begin to make love to her in a weird position . with hot water all around . which felt good . it was nice to be floating and ******* since the act of love is hard on my legs sometimes. she came but i didn't that nite in the whirlpool because i was afraid  of us getting caught and kicked out .

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Feb 7, 2010