Places I Have ******.

I thought I would write a list about the strange places I have had sex. (In no particular order or preference)

On a park bench
In a field
In a bush
In a sauna
In a life
On a beach
in Multiple car parks (including a Police station car park.)
On a statue
In a Jacuzzi
In a cinema
In multiple public toilets
In a police station
In a swimming pool
On a statue of a lion
In multiple cars
over a car bonnet

I'm sure there are more but that's a reasonably good start
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

I have done some of the same places as well but have done it on a motorcycle while going down the road ,in a court house,in a school principals office ,on a parade float,and on top of fire truck.

How would you live to tell the story of the motorcycle?? Lol! I can't even figure out a position that doesn't lead to immanent death!

Never in Kroger on the produce?