Swimming On A Hot Summer Night...

One summer day I had dinner over my Girlfriends house. We had a simple dinner with her family, parents and grandparents, then after dinner everyone settled in to watch tv. My GF and I decided to go swimming. It was very warm out even though the sun had been down about two hours. We didn't plan anything. We were just going to go for a swim to cool off. We swam a little bit, then we started flirting and messing around. The flirting went to kissing. We had slowly moved to the end of the pool with the slide. We were in the deep end. We took turns hanging from the slide while the other caressed and explored the other. We kept going like this for a while. We got so far we couldn't stop. The bikini bottoms and the trunks slide off into the deep-end. My GF is petite so she could not supporting both of us by hanging from the slide. She just wasn't strong enough. So I took over holding us both up while hanging from the slide. This was cool because I got to be a spectator and a participant at the same time. I could watch her and feel her work me over until....she decided it was time to wrap those dancer-legs around me a guide me into a perfectly wet and tight little *****. Even under water she was so wet. I was enjoying myself tremendously. I wanted her to **** me... so I didn't move to much, I let her take control. I just kept floating in the water hanging from the slide. She did kept the action going with her legs wrapped around me so tight. All the while the parents and grandparents are watching tv about 50ft away. I can see them through the open window. She is still working me over. We are so scared we will by discovered. We can't make any noise. Then I tense up...and the magic euphoria of an ****** sweeps over me as I arch her body out of the water making some subtle splashing noise. Suddenly, we are alert, waiting for mom to stick her head out the door. We wait, still in our sexual embrace for a few more minutes just looking at each other. Nothing, no mom. We are all good. We untangle ourselves and put our suits back-on fully relaxed and refreshed. Oh how I love a hot summer night.
41-45, M
4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Great story

Sex in the pool is so wonderful.

Wow, that amde me hard, I love skinny dipping, and usually get a hardon in thw water anyway.

This is a really arousing story.