Sex In The Pool Is My Wife's Favorite

My wife has always been a bit of an exhibitionist. When we bought our house 8 years ago she insisted that we have a pool. One of the things that she said she wanted to do was to have a naked pool party. Well we have had many parties at our house but none so far have been the "Naked Pool Party" that she kept teasing me with way back then. What has become a regular thing for us to do is for the two of us to do some skinny dipping or in our (or at least my) case, chunky dunking.

My wife likes to have wine or some tequila when we sit out by the pool. This gets her all wet and horny and it doesn't take long before she has taken her swim suit off and is in the pool au natural. I find this extremely exciting as I think my naked wife is beautiful. With her being naked it doesn't take much convincing for me to join her in the pool naked.

We will swim around for a while but she will make her way over to where I am and start kissing me. She is such a good kisser that of course I get aroused even more and within minutes we have made our way to the sitting area on the side of the pool and she straddles me. As our bodies slowly begin to move in rhythm she leans forward and kisses me, her tongue passionately seeking mine. I begin to pump and she begins to grind creating waves around the pool.

We continue our dance until one of us feels that welling deep inside and with a wave crashing release begins to *** bringing the other one to a powerful ****** also. This is something we have done many times once even when we had friends in the pool with us doing the same thing. My wife likes doing this and says pool sex is the best.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Oh, what a fun party! Haha, and the method you use to create your own wave pool sounds fantastic. I've thought of doing this a few times myself, but I just know I'd get a rash or something from the chlorine and end up never trying it again... *Sigh*

We keep the pool ph balanced so there is never a chlorine issue. It doesn't burn your eyes or fade your suit...if you have one on for long.

Ah, nice to know!