Sex On The Front Lawn

Early in our marriage my wife and I would vacation with other family members at a vacation home around a lake. Since we had to share a bed room with other family members it offered little privacy. My wife is usually very shy and conservative. One night as everyone was going off to bed my wife announced she was going outside. I followed her outside mostly to see if she was OK or if there was anything wrong.

We talked for a few minutes when she instructed me to wait and that she would be right back. She returned carrying a blanket which she spread out on the front lawn. She was only wearing a night shirt and panties. She proceeded to slide her panties down her legs and off, throwing them on the blanket. She commented this was not the most ideal spot and to be quick taking my shorts off. As I am undressing she lays down on the blanket pull up her night shirt and spreads her legs. To paraphrase her command, there is to be no foreplay just … her.

As we are making love I start to slide her night shirt up and to my surprise she pulls it over her head and taking it I throw it on the grass. She is now complete naked having sex on the front lawn of a vacation home when at any moment family or neighbors could join us.
When finished she quickly puts her panties on and starts looking for her night shirt. I retrieve her shirt which she ask for and I say no I like seeing her topless. She starts chasing me around the lawn to get her shirt, it’s only about a minute when I realize she is getting annoyed and hand her the night shirt. Before she puts the shirt on she gives me a long kiss and then says we better get inside before someone catches us.

No one said anything the next morning, but the other wives seemed to cuddle up to their husbands more that day.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I love the fact she got totally naked in such a public spot. I love to make my wife get totally naked in these situations. It really makes it more erotic and she loves it. Great story.