Parking Lot Playtime

A few years ago, my wife and I were vacationing at a coastal city a few hundred miles from home. On our first day, we realized we had forgotten to bring her stash of sex toys along. As we were driving around shopping and drinking wine, we saw an adult store in a small shopping center. We decided to see if we could find something there, and soon were the proud owners of a new dual action vibrator / *****. We continued to shop, and in the next store, picked up some batteries. The wine and the sunshine were taking their toll on the wife's inhibitions, and I sensed it. When we got back to the car, I assembled the toy with the batteries and fired it up while parked in the parking lot of the major department store we had just exited. Jokingly, I suggested that she try it out. With a nervous glance in all directions, then a wide smile, she pulled down her shorts and thong panties right there in the car and placed her buzzing boyfriend against her ****! As she was arching her back and closing her eyes with her mouth wide open, cooing and whimpering, I sat in complete and utter amazement, taking in the unbelievably erotic scene. I thought I would pass out when she pushed the ***** portion into her *****, its juices springing out like a newly tapped well of sweet water. Writhing and moaning, she let her seat all the way back and spread her legs wider. Regaining some focus, I pulled up her tank top and unhitched her bra, suckling, nibbling, and pinching her nipples as I alternately began to whisper that anyone could walk up at any minute and see her. I reached down and stroked her soaked labia lightly on either side of her electric lover that she had begun to pound herself with unbelievably hard with. The slick slurping sounds of its movements filled the car along with her increasingly louder moans as I lied that there were men all around the car looking at her tearing up her *****, a fact she could not check without removing the towel I placed over her eyes to help reinforce her anonymity. Upon my telling her about her "audience", she spread her legs even wider, as if to enhance the view of her swollen, throbbing, gushing center sending streams of her juices flowing freely down the crack of her ***. She screamed and shook violently as wave after wave of her ****** crashed through her, cursing and thrashing until it subsided. I had never seen something so erotic. Catching her breath, she reassembled herself and announced she was thirsty. I chuckled and poured her some more wine, pulling away from the site of our first public display, and though there was no real audience this time, that would soon change. Much to both our delight, I might add. But that is another story soon to be posted.
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Jul 10, 2010