Canoe Trip

The Wife and I recently put our canoe into a small river in a nearby state forest, a generally very remote area but with the possibility of seeing other people kayaking, canoeing, or camping. As we neared midday, we passed through a densely wooded portion of the river, where the water ran a little deeper, and there passed through a group of maybe 7 boys probably 16-19 years old using a rope swing tied to a tree. Shortly after, about 100 yards downstream and around a couple of bends, we found an area where the tree cover was opened and sunshine fell liberally onto a large white sugar-sandbar as the river flowed shallowly around the bend. We pulled our canoe up here, and I laid out a blanket, opened the cooler, and got out wine and cheese. We then ******** down and cooled off in the river, came back to the blanket, and snacked while sunbathing nude. About midway through our second bottle, I broke out a favorite two-way vibrator/*****, and after giving her enough head for a couple of "starter" *******, slipped the toy into her now steaming and juicy cleft as she gasped. I moved around and put my **** in her mouth and as she sucked avidly (and skillfully), worked the buzzing vibrator in and out of her squelching *****. I stroked her labia gently with my free hand as she cooed around my **** and spread her legs wide. Soon she was bucking her hips wildly as her third ****** hit, but rather than stopping when it subsided, she took hold of the toy herself and began pushing it harder and harder into her center, as I stood over her, stroking my **** and telling her that we could be discovered at any time. this seemed to push her over the edge and she screamed her way into her fourth with gusto, shudddering and jiggling from head to toe until spent, she let the ***** drop out. Right on cue, I fell to my knees and without warning sunk my entire length at once into her and pounded away, loving the hot, juicy, used feeling of her rumpled **** around me as I spurted seemingly endlessly into her womb. I fantasize constantly what would have happened if those boys had come downstream and discovered us......
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Jul 11, 2010