Sex On The Rocks

My girlfriend and I took a late holiday in Crete some years ago. Luckily the beach we were staying on had a nudist area as we were both into nude sunbathing at the time. Some days we would take a boat out to another beach at the end of a gorge. As well as the daytrippers it seemed to have a full time nudist community living there. As you walked down the gorge, by a stream with large rocks on it, naked women and men would wander past, or be sitting on a rock. This started to turn us on so we thought we would go for a swim in one of the rock pools, so, ******** naked and plunged in. I remember wanting a picture of me on a rock (like the girls we had seen). My girlfriend got her camera and I climbed up onto a rock - by this time I had an erection - and was in full view of people walking past. Well one thing led to another and soon the camera went away and we started having sex, first on the rock, and then in the pool. People were still walking by. Im not sure if they realised we were having sex or not but we didnt care. I have to say that sex in a cold pool is not the most satisfying experience except for the thrill of people watching but I'm glad I did it. We returned to the beach still naked, and swan and enjoyed the rest of the days sun!
Many years later we went back to the same spot - the beach was the same, but the nudists had gone - and the weather wasnt fantastic. No one was naked on the beach. And by this time my girlfriend had stopped sunbathing nude anyway.

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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

we went to crete last year and did the same,we also had the most amazing sex in front of the window of our apartment,some bloke was watching from the bar area just in front of us,really horny