The Coat Closet

I once went to a wedding shower with my girl, a so-called Jack and Jill since both men and women were invited. It was a large crowd, and they held it in a local dance hall. It was winter, so they had a coat closet near the front door where everyone hung up their coats, as did we.

The party was ok, but we didn't know hardly anyone. We had a few drinks, did a little dancing, and I started noticing how hot she was looking in her dress, her hair up and sexy earrings dangling against her neck. As we slow danced, she noticed my arousal and suggested that we head on home. Sounded great to me.

We made our polite good byes and headed to the exit. Getting our coats in the coat closet, we noticed a door at the back of the closet. I opened it out of curiousity, and found that it opened into a second storage closet. Thinking fast, I pulled her in and closed the door.

The room was almost pitch black, just some light seeping in under the doorway. There was a table in the middle of the room, and I backed up to it and sat on the edge, pulling her to me, between my legs and we started kissing and groping wildly. I was hard as a rock and I knew she was wet.

I turned us around and lifted her onto the table, laying her back as I unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard on as she slipped off her panties. I climbed up on top of her and guided my shaft into her hot ***** and started pumping away. We became conscious of the creaking table under us, and I changed tempo. I rammed as deep as I could then started doing rythmic short but powerful thrusts. These drive her wild. I gradually picked up the tempo as I felt her body convulsing under mine. We finally forgot about the noise, and I slammed her hard for the final thrusts and exploded inside her.

We straightened ourselves up a bit, peaked out the door, saw no one and slipped out. Someone saw us in the entry way, 'Hey, didn't you leave already?". We burst out laughing and headed out the door. Back home we made love again.

That was the most public sex I've had where we could have been easily caught. It was great.
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Jul 16, 2010