The Old Pinto

Long ago I owned a red hatchback Pinto car with a huge glass rear window. We used to have parties after work in a bowling alley bar next door to the office where I worked. One of the clerks was telling me about how she was dissatisfied with her husband, he just couldn't please her anymore. As one of the folks in my work group was retiring, after work we went over to the bar for a small party. I was lucky in catching a parking space right near the entrance door floodlights for the Pinto. Inside we did the usual dancing and smoothing, drinking to much and getting all wound up. The lady dissatisfied with her husband got very chummy and started getting feels under the table. Now that turned me on, and I suggested we go someplace and satisfy our apparent urges.

She said how about the motel across the street, and I said no, I want to be a **** star. Even I didn't understand my exhibitionist tendencies back then. It was late around one AM so only adults would be around the bowling alley. I told her that we could fold the rear seats down in my pinto, then we can do it by the door as people come in or go out of the bar. Like on TV with that big glass door as our TV. To my amazement she agreed. I think she wanted word to get back to her husband. So in the back of the Pinto with the rear seats folded, we, ******** naked and went to it. We soon gathered an audience, that made the act even more so much fun we both had multiple *******. When we finished, I got out to put my clothes on and accept high fives from the crowd. She dressed very slowly in the back of the Pinto continuing her show for all. Back in the bar for last call and we were the hit of the party with drinks coming from all over.

I imagine she found more ways to find satisfaction, and might have found a few more friends, I don't know. We never got together again. But I do know it improved my standing with other ladies in the office. Women telling me they could still see me standing there in the flood lights with my **** all shiny from wet ***, drunk and trying to get dressed again. Unfortunately, I never found another who would like to share the stage with me in my Pinto. I was sad to see that car go.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

Sounds like you had fun and imagine it'll happen again, or something similar. I would have watched too.