I've found out that there is really almost no bad place to ****..public toilets, dark alleyways, sun studios, stairways, you name it I've tried it... Just a few days ago I spent one hour in a clean handicapped toilet, getting ****** and pounded hard, sucking his **** and kissing him passionately. The excitement and nervousness that you might get discovered adds a cool new edge to it...biting my lower lip hard and concentrating not to make a sound, or gripping one of his hands and pushing it over my mouth making him stop my heavy breathing all together.
emanon89 emanon89
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

oh nature is great! to have my *** resting on a cold smooth rock while feeling his warm hard **** pressing into me...cold air stinging in my throat sucking lightly his lower lip..biting..<br />
I love to get ****** standing