Sex In Public Swimming Pool.

Last year i went to this gigantic indoor swimming park with my boyfriend.
There were many swimming pools and slides and all different things.
I was swimming and splashing around with my boyfriend when i noticed his erection.
I kissed him and rubbed the outside of his swimming shorts.
After lots of fooling around we were both really turned on and decided to go and have sex somewhere.
We went behind a slide in the corner. It was in the adults pool so no children were near and only a few adults were close.
So still in the water, we started to have sex. It was great and it felt so exciting doing it in public.
Only a few people noticed what we were doing, a man probably in his 50's (my guess) and a boy in his late teens.
Both seemed quite interested and watched.
It was a fun experience.
missbeautifulism missbeautifulism
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 18, 2010

Getting caught is not what bothers me, it is the fear that it might get me in trouble.

dont worry about children caught you nude/ having sex. Its their parents that have problem with it :-)