Outdoor Quickie

As you know from reading some of my other posts, I am really into “public” sex.
Here is one such encounter.
This friend, who is even more into exhibitionism than I am, was with me for an out-of-town event. We happened to wander outside together, and soon found ourselves in a corner between two adjacent walls of a neighboring building. Soon we had our ***** out and playing with one another. I got so turned on by the “public” setting (if anyone had been in any of the offices that looked over the courtyard and they had glanced out their window, they would have seen us) that I came almost at once. He and I shared it. I don’t know if he came but don’t believe he did. THen we composed ourselves and went back inside.
When he and I get together—sadly, not very often—we always look for new areas to have sex in public. Other places we have done it include hotel hot tubs, in the car, in a stairwell, and in a student lounge with another friend.
I will try to write up some of those in other similar groups.
Sex in “risky” places is such a turn-on!
NakedDriver NakedDriver
56-60, M
Apr 26, 2011