i've had sex with my fiance alot in the car, but we've had sex in the car in the middle of a parking lot at the beach, weve had sex in a parking lot of a state lot, about twenty feet from the main road way, in school, weve had it behind the high school, we have had it in a cemetary behind it, we've had it in a tractor trailer truck, in a camp, in a chuch, yup going to hell now.... we've had it in the fire control room of an empty warehouse... behind subway, in the woods alot, in a hospital room, in front of multiple cops from different police departments... thank god she was eighteen at the time... :) they didn't care they only have told us to move on... we've had it in the dug out of a baseball park... we've had sex on cars, out on a beach in the middle of public where anyone could see us... in basball, lacross and soccer fields... in my bedroom at my parents house yeah i know thatws not really public but its kinda one of the few places where its private where we've had sex. in her parents bed... with her mom at home that was ballzy... in an office.... in a contruction site, on a golf course... pretty much when we lost the car and walked everywhere we ****** outside til it started to snow but that definitly didn't stop us at all we found buildings to use to ****... oh hell we've ****** in the basement of one of our friends where the basement was shared with everyone in the apartment complex and one that the cops showed up on a constant basis.... well we didn't get caught even thought someone came down to do the laundry... at her cousins house where she had a bedroom... we've ****** there... well i think the only place was in the police station lol... weve even had sex outside of olive garden ... does anyone have more ideas where we can **** around?? remember this is new england
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to TurkishdivaSr... um... actually depending on what part of the contry u live in the cops can be major ******** or the nices guys... i live in massachusetts its a very liberal state the laws are horrible the cops have so much red tape in this state... where as in Georgia they can get u for just about anything.... two things affect how law enforcement treats u in the us... first is if the cop likes ur or not... second its where u are located and how the laws apply cause the us has state, federal and local laws... hell from town to town the laws sometimes very


as long you are out and in ep it means you are free whatever your game and you enjoy then do it and have fun....

already have a job... although i could use a higher pay... but its kinky to do it in other places... we've done it in a hot tub room too....so yeah