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At The Mall…

At the mall…

Note: This fictional story was originally written as a personal message to my friend EP Ravensplight. I have decided to share it with you all. Enjoy!

You are at the mall. There are people everywhere, but as you move from shop to shop you notice one man who cannot take his eyes off of you. Not in a creepy way, like you are being stalked. But in an enraptured way. He is with his wife and children, and they are moving in the same direction as you, but visiting shops on the other side of the mall. Your eyes meet, and your smiles both emerge, mirroring each other. Teasingly, you blow him a kiss, and, after checking to see if his wife saw anything, he playfully catches it and blows one back.

This play continues, and you can tell, even from across the way, that he is becoming quite turned on. As you near the food court, you point at him, crook your finger, and casually walk towards the family restroom.

Will he follow? You wait inside the restroom with the door cracked, and you see him walking determinedly toward you, a pleased, but anxious look on his face. You open the door and silently beacon him inside.

“Hello” he says, but you put your finger to his lips as you lock the door and push him back against the wall. Then, with your other hand, you seize his swollen **** through his pants and give it a few long strokes. His breathing increases as his **** pulses in your hand. You look into his eyes, wink, and then drop slowly to your knees. In an instant, you have his **** free and bobbing before you – its head swollen and purple. You can tell it has not had any attention in a very long time. With his pants and briefs gathered around his ankles, you cradle his balls with one hand. The fingers of your other hand trace the veins of his rigid member as a clear, glistening drop forms at his tip.

Your tongue acts with a mind of its own, snaking out to capture that drop, then swirling around the bulbous head of his enraged penis. He lets out a moan, his head thrown back and his eyes closed. You lock again, then you kiss the tip and press forward, allowing your mouth to open and your lips to slowly work their way down his **** as it slips deeper into your inviting mouth. Slowly you work more and more of him into your mouth, until his head is deep in your throat and your nose is being tickled by short curly hairs. Holding there for a moment, you look up, and see him staring wide-eyed at you. His knees begin to shake as you start to back off. More quickly now, because you know that this deprived man cannot last long. Your head begins to bob up and down as you massage his balls. His body begins to shake and he incoherently mumbles something about “… *** …”

But you are relentless and in a few more seconds you are rewarded with a large gush of ***, followed rapidly by another, and another. Without stopping, you quickly lose track of exactly how many shots he has deposited as you keep swallowing to keep up. Eventually he stops, and you nurse out the remaining drops. You stand and smile. Then, with his *** still on your lips, you take his head in your hands and kiss him firmly and insistently, working your tongue into his mouth. His response is valiant, but weak. His legs are still shaking and he begins to slide down the wall to the ground with a dazed look on his face.

You reach down and gently tussle his hair. Then, from your purse, you remove small card with only your cell phone on it. You place it on his leg, beside his now shrinking ****.

“Call me,” you whisper before opening the door and striding away. The thought crosses your mind that he ought to relock the door, but you have shopping to finish.
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oh my god i just *** that is one of the best stories i ever heard

Glad to be of service...

I have recently started an account on literotica, and have added this story. Please take the time to rank it there! Thank you.