Public Golf Course

In high school, my girlfriend and I lived just down the street from each other and right next to our public golf course. In the spring of our senior year I pitched the idea to her of sneaking out to the golf course late at night and having sex in the middle of the fairway on hole 1. She loved the idea and so we planned it for that saturday night.
Well when saturday came, I snuck her over to my house and we started drinking a little and then went out to the golf course with a large blanket to lay on. She took her clothes off almost immediately after we got there. I could just tell she loved the feeling of being naked outside and the fact that it was deviant.
She started out giving me a blow job and then things progressed and we did multiple positions and even had her lean against a out-of-bounds pole and a tree. We ended with a blow job and she wanted me to *** on her breasts and I did. It felt so amazing being totally exposed outside with her mouth on my ****.
She was smiling and played with it for a little while and then she got up and wanted to run through the sprinklers that were on. She had large breasts for being 18 and I hung back for a while just watching her run naked trough the water watching her breasts bounce. She rinsed off in the moving shower, cleaning her breasts and *****. I joined her and she washed my **** for me. We walked around a little bit and I told her I wanted to see her lay on the green with the hole and flag right between her legs. She thought that would be fun too so she laid down with the hole an inch from her *****.
Now that we're older, we haven't had the opportunity to do it again but she still brings it up and is looking for another time and place we could do something similar. I still have that image of her laying on the hole number 1 green, wet and naked, every time I go back to play that course.
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Great story, is this your wife to be you mention? Hope so and welcome to EP!<br />
I just added you and look forward to sharing stories or questions about sharing since my ex and I did many times - but always carefully with good friends!

Fantastic! I like the way you play golf.

I have a golf course just around the block you could use. Maybe I could document it for you with pictures. ;-)