Getting Even By Giving Oral

Our group was the few people of a young age in the area. Some working others in college. We hung out, went swimming dated each other boy and girl. One evening we were at one of the girls house alone. The two only two guys my cousin and myself. None of the seven of us had sex with one another boy/ girl. Just my cousin getting b/j from me, j/o stuff like that. We were are talking and having a good time and I realized that Diana made eye contact earlier with Brenda and went down the hallway. Shortly later Brenda went to pee. They both came back. Diana's lips were red Brenda straightened her jeans to sit on the floor. Then it happened again but Alice came back and set easily on the floor and Diana grined. (Sometime later I hear Diana tell Peggy she would just touch the tip of it with her tongue) after awhile I was getting pissed. So I informed my crazy cousin to I have a plan and when he went to the bath room I wated a moment. Went to the first bedroom down the hallway, when he went past he saw me and came inside. I told him I was going to get on my knees and make it look like I was s.cking him. I went to my knees and to my surprise he's jeans dropped. We were sort of side ways to the open door, he was more facing and the back of my head was more to the door. I thought he might unzip or unfasten, got the idea he wanted me to make his ere.tion go down. His tool popped out hitting me in the face, I never thought about it and it went past my lips. He took much longer this time but the amount was a load. I noticed something from the dim bed room in the hallway. Each of the girls got a good look and then two watched together. They never said anything about it, I had made out with Peggy several times before but that never amounted to anything. The girls ended up over the next few months getting more friendly with my cousin. Peggy invited hm swimming in the river one Saturday. I found out they were kissing on the bank and my crazy cousin pulled her bottoms to the side and inserted his tool until he unloaded. Peggy unloaded more than once and really didnot like the whole thing, I know she was not a vergin but not experienced like she got. I would hear from time to time I was a c_s_ker and it had to be from that. I was mad at crazy cousin for tagging my possible p_ssy. Sort of hurt and told him that as my head went into his naked crotch for his bi-daily b.job. Peggy? I thought his tool taisted different that one day. He got everything, I got the good part.
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May 16, 2012