Beautiful New York

A few years ago, when I was on leave from the army, I flew to New York. When I arrived, my father met me at the airport and we went to his house in Manhattan.

He said he had to leave, to take care of a job in Albany, so he left, leaving me to be the owner of the house for a few days. I eagerly accepted; and as soon as he left I went outside and walked around. Once I returned, I decided to work out in the yard with only a chain link fence to block peeping men and women alike.

I took off my shirt. At the time, I was very muscled because of my elite training in the Marines. So I practiced acrobatics in the yard. I'd taken the class a decade prior, and it had stuck with me for years to come. Somehow, while I was doing flips and cartwheels in the yard with my shirt off, I attracted the attention of two neighborhood girls.

The girls shouted to me, getting my attention. They weren't bad looking, one of them curvy and voluptuous with striking red hair and attention grabbing breasts, while the other one had long, raven black hair and a smaller chest but a poised and downright beautiful face. The redhead called to me, asking who I was. I answered by inviting them in. The raven haired girl said she had to go, so she didn't come in.

I got the redhead a beer from the fridge and we sat in the kitchen and talked for an hour or so. I learned she was a year older than me, 25 years old, and she was attending college at NYU for theatre. She thought it was cool I was in the military and she didn't ask about my father's profession, so I kept up the 'normal' impression.

We took a walk. I had only drank a single beer, but Allie (the redhead) was completely boiled.

She stumbled around, leaving me to catch her every time she tripped. She giggled happily. She wasn't my type of girl, but she was hot and that was what mattered at the time. I wasn't exactly smooth, because I hadn't seen a woman in person for about four years.

So I caught her for the fortieth time, and she spun so it looked like I was dipping her in a dance.

I laughed and she looked me in the eye. And as she drew her head up forward, our lips met.

I was a bit excited. When we went back, we had another beer each and we walked out of the house again. So we sat on a picnic bench in the dark that night, and talked about our lives. Then, her hand touched my abs. I was instantly aroused, and my hand slid around her stomach.

Our lips met, hardcore making out. We were in a park; there weren't many people around but there were a few. Somehow, that made it hotter.

She lifted up her skirt a bit, and her hand undid my jeans expertly. I pressed harder against her, my hand sliding up her shirt and clasping on to her breast. She twitched with pleasure and drew her face away to moan.

We continued to kiss, and then, barely being able to contain our excitement, we hooked up on the sidewalk by my house. She ******** out of her clothes, motioning for me to do the same.

We were down on the sidewalk now, I was drilling her hard. She moaned again with pleasure as we screwed. Finally, we saw somebody watching us and we collected our clothes, went inside and finished up on the mattress.

Oh, New York, city of sex. I had sex with Allie a few more times and then I was back on deployment. When I returned, she wasn't living in New York anymore.
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On the sidewalk, that's cool! Great memory...