Mexico City I Will Never Forget You

Just came back from a trip to Mexico City and since over there its really dangerous to just get in any cab I sort of got my own private cab driver I got his card and I would just call him ahead to schedule my pick up. It all began when I arrived at the airport wearing my usual some confortable pants with my red lace panties and my lace red bra (always like to match) and my bag packed with my toys, business trip always make me miss home so I bring them with me, I got to the cab company and got my driver. As I was going to be spending two weeks I wanted to make sure my cab driver was cool and would not freak out with my requests, so I decided to ask him questions about bars, ***** clubs, and entretainment in the city he gladly told me all the regular torist places to get girls and table dances. I was content with the info and told him we would have to take a tour around to see them in another time. We arrived at the hotel checked myself in and went straight to the room to get confortable and have some fun with a bottle of tequila and a bottle of lube. Next day I came down to find my cab waiting for me to go to my meetings and work related, after a long day I called him to pick me up and the questions continued but this time I was more blunt and asked were would a gay person get some entretainment, his eyes just got as big as my balls and he said I woudent know im sorry I dont like people like that and he drove to the hotel and droped me off. Kind of sad and mad that I wanted to get some action in Mexico but not the turist stuff, I called him and asked if he could send some one else that was not so backwards retard like himself or at least a girl cab driver.

That night a new cab driver showed up, and I almost had to go change my panties that were filled with pre *** just seeing this guy he was tall athletic and probably a weight lifter, he was white with big eyes and as I later found out a huge **** :). When we got in the car he turned to me and said "I heard you are looking for a different type of fun that is not the usual tourist" I think that by this time I might have been drooling a little bit, I answered yes please he said he knew a couple of places that served "our" kind key word here. I was so hard just by his words that I though I my panties were about to break, he took me to the most awsome bars and clubs the city could offer, I danced, grope, kiss, sucked and ****** as much *** and ***** I could for the next week. I had to much fun but always on the back of my mind every time I would get in the cab I was pitching a tent just thinking of my cab driver and his words. One of the nights I came down in a short cocktail dress, stockings, and high heels with at wig and make up he didint even recognized me at first I told him I was looking for a night of fun like never before when we got in the car he said where to little lady? I gave him the place I was told had glory holes and a fun time I did have on the way back I was drunk as **** and with so much *** in my clothes and stomach I was in heaven before I got out of the car I told him I want you to **** me so hard I cant walk for a couple days and started to play with his **** through his pants, he was getting so turned on and said tomorrow will be your lucky day you dirty ***** I can smell the *** from your mouth.
Next day I was so anxious I waked up early had a couple of remedies for the hangover and waited for the call from Julio, I answered and he said hope you had a good night sleep becuase tonight you will be crying for mercy I got so excited I came in my night gown just thinking of him he said he would pick me up 3 hours before I had to be at the airport and will have some fun only request be dressed pretty like last night. I got in the shower shaved all my body, did my nails got all fabulous and just waited for the call of my man I was so anxious he finally called me to let me know he was in the lobby waiting for me, I checked myself in the mirror once more and went down. Once I got to the lobby he was waiting for me with flowers and all dressed up we went to the car and I sat on the back acting like I was a reguar customer we went to eat and on the way back he pulled over into a side street and stepped into the back with me. When he came back we shared a kiss and I was just touching every inch of his body that was better in real person than what I have been imagining all week long I he was getting hard as a rock and I was teasing his hard **** with my mouth just kissing it and not letting him out I finally after a few minutes of teasing he got on top of me and said "you have been really naughty **** and now is your punishment" he pulle my dress up and ripped my stocking with his mouth and started to lick my *** I almost came but he said not yet little ****, he turned me around and exposed his **** that was fully erect and out I gasped at the thickness of that thing, my *** began to question if we could take it all. I began to suck on his hard **** on the back of the car and I was just in heaven between the muscle legs and he would push my face down saying take you ***** after he exploded his load on my mouth I showed it to him and swallowed it all and I was ready for some more, he grabbed my legs and spread them and ripped the stocking with his teeth and began to suck on my **** that was filled with pre *** he went down on me and when I came in his mouth he kissed me and made me swallow my own ***. As I was thinking i was done he said were do you think your going and he ripped my stockings and inserted two fingers up my man ***** and said lube up your getting it now, as I did as he said I was getting so turned on by him playing with himself just wondering if I was going to be able to take it all in he slowly bent me towards the front of the car and started to ram his huge **** up my *** every inch was so painfully but at the same time it was so good I was there facing the street with people passing by getting my man ***** rammed by a giant **** that was stretching the crap out of me after 5 minutes that felt like an eternity he said he was cumin and I pushed myself back to have him as deep as I could and I just felt the sweet juices exploding inside of me and I could feel him becoming limp my *** just felt like exploding and I could feel his *** starting to make its way back down he placed my thong back in its place and inserted a tampon in my *** and said save it for the flight back home. We kissed and cleaned up he climbed into the driver seat and took me back to the hotel to pick up my belongings and to change and fly back home. When I got to the hotel I could hardly walk feeling the *** inside my *** was an awesome experience. I got into the room and he followed me to make sure I didn't took the tampon out I had no intention off anyways, I got cleaned up and dressed the most I could and we headed to the airport on the way there I gave him a blow job as a tip and promised to come back. The 4 hour plane ride and 2 hour wait in the airport was the most amazing every time I moved I could feel the *** and juices on my *** moving I have to say I usually just stay on the departure gate, this time I walked around the airport a couple of time just for fun.

Sorry for the long story but I had so much fun just remembering every detail I liked for everyone to experience it too.
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What a wonderful story. It was so nice of him to give you a gift you could enjoy all day. I'm leaking after reading this.

Fabulous sweetie