It Started With A Kiss

I was in a bar I knew and wearing a very sexy number with long boots and a bit of a see through top. Two guys were chatting to me when suddenly one moved really close to me and started rubbing my leg. After my initial horror i started to feel myself dampen at the madness of the situation. we were stood in the corner and it was not obvious to anyone but he fingered me there and then, i came on his hand several times and i could see his erection. Well i hope to everyone that it looked like I was sitting on his knee, there was not much movement but he did get inside of me. i Ended up with him and his mate in the back of a taxi and we were not discreet. It was a long and sexy night.
suzihugs suzihugs
18-21, F
4 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Sexy: thanks

Do tell more. ;-)

Oh Sweet! Now I'm hard as hell and you've left me in the back of a taxi. More please???

That was a very hot moment. :)