Unplanned Sex In The Train Toilet

It was 10:30pm when I get down from the bus and went to the booking counter to buy a ticket for the train scheduled to arrive at 11:30pm. When I leave the counter one marriad lady of the age of 21-22yr came to me and ask me" on which platform the next train will come?". I asked her where she want to go? but she answared that she will not go to any where. She will jump in front of the running train to finish her life.I asked why? She replied that her husband leave her alone and she has no money to feed herself and that's why she want to finish her life.I request her not to do so and advice her to go back to the town from where I came and do some work as maid-servent to earn her bread. I can help her to get job of maid servent in my house and some other house. Hearing this she give up the idea of suicide but asked me to help her to get job. It was night and the last bus to our town from the station had left so I ask her to pass the night on station's platform and meet me day after tomorow when I shall come back from my home town where I am going that day by the night train.We took dinner in a hotel and sit down on a bench on the plat form to wait for my train. Due to one political rally that day the train was full of passangers and I hardly get myself in to the coach and stand just near the door of the coach.When the train starts I saw that the lady also board the train and remain standing by my side.Other passengers thought her my wife and help her to get in the train coach. It was too crowd to stand comfortably. So I open the door of the train toilet and get myself in there and the lady follow me to the toilet also. So both me and she stand in the toilet keeping the toilet door open. After one hour a big station arrived and some passangers came down. I closed the door of the toilet and bolted it. It was 00:45am when the train leave that big station and pick up speed. At this time once the lady fell on my body due to jurking of the train at high speed. Her boobs smashed on my chest and I became horney with the situation. I start squizing her tight boobs with my both hands. After a few min I open her blouse and bra to release her boobs naked and start squizing and kissing with my lips. She moaned at this and put her hands on my penis over my pant. I than open the zip of my pant and guide her hand to my hard penis. she start caresing my thing and I pushed her saree up to insert my finger in her vagina. When I insert my finger I feel that huge slipery hot juice is flowing from her vagina and she is moanining and stroking my thing. I spread her legs and push my thing in her slowly and start pounding her slowly first and then incease the speed.She moaned and grabed me tightly and she also start pushing her front and back with the rythm. After 5 min of hard ******* both of us come to final ****** and hold each other tighly for a few min.When my thing become lose it come out from her *****.She placed her head on my chest and take long breath.The train reached to another small station and stope for 1min. when the train again took speed her body rubed with my body and again my thing get harder. This time I ddecide to **** her from behind. So ask her to bend down keeping her hands on the cover of the toilet-pan. I lift her saree and saya to her waist and start rubbing my hard thing slowly at the mouth of her vagina. with in 2 min her ***** lips become so slippery that my hard thing automatically get in to her ***** fully. I grabbed her boobs with my both hands from behind and start pounding hard from behind. The jurking of train give me extra power to push my thing to end of her hole and my balls struck to her hip. It gives me heavy pleasure. I asked her how she is feeling and she answared that she never enjoyed like this time . She asked me to pound harder and start moaning. This time also we came simultaneously after 5 min of hard *******. by this time the crowd of the train become very very low and we found two seats vacant. So we took those seats and fell a sleep soon.In the early morning when the train reached my destination we both get down. I bought a return ticket for her and ask her to go back by the down train which will start after 1 hour and met me the next day when I shall came to my working place.God knows what happened to that lady. She never met me after that night.The incident remains in my memory but never share it with any one. To day I am sharing it here.
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WOW...............dun know when god will give such chance to me!!!!!!!!!