In A Park

I have always think that having sex in public is both sexy n dangerous. Simply love it!

My then boyfriend n I would take a bus to a park where we will sit cuddling n French kissing. It was during that time that we started talking about making out, but had always thought it would be in the privacy of our home.

That day, we felt hot after a passionate time if kissing and petting that my bf started to unclasp my bra n fondled my breast under my tee. I was sitting on top of him, facing him n my knees spread out from him body.

While he buried his head under my tee to suck n kiss my breast, my hands started to stroke his massive *** n it grew tall n thick. Soon I unzip his pants n was sliding my hands around the head of his red ***.

A group of gardeners were walking towards us n my bf realize I was feeling awkward so he got his head out of my tee n began to lift my skirt to cover his ***. With that, the gardeners could only see I was sitting on him. However beneath my skirt, his massive *** was pushing my thing which was soon giving way for his *** to touch the entrance of my ****. I coud feel the red hot *** begun to enter me.

Slammed into my body, my bf put his hands on my hips n started moving in rhythm with each slide in and out. The gardeners soon left to work at the adjacent field. Just in time, my bf was pushing *** so hard into me I felt his balls hit my ***. Finally his *** enlarged in my *** and it swell so big n warm that it hit my g-spot sending me into ******. He too climaxed as my *** enveloped n tightened his **** that was in me. He exploded in my and it felt so sweet.

After catching our breathes we realized that we were catching the attention of passerbys n decided to head to the nearby toilet to wash up.

For me, my thong was so wet that I threw it away while he had a wet patch on his pants where is massive hid. We went back in a bus to his house n without thong it was so easy for me to unzip his pants and slide his massive into me while on the bus back row. This time of pumping into me made me groan that he had to French kiss me to keep the volume down.
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Dec 15, 2012