Bowling Alley Parking Lot

I had an awesome girlfriend once who liked to **** anywhere. One summer night, we were in the parking lot of a bowling alley. We were leaning against the car, making out. One thing led to another and before long, she was bent over the hood with her pants and underwear lying on the ground as I pounded her from behind.

We were in full view of the bowling alley doors. I pulled her shirt and bra off and threw them on the hood of the car...then we lay down on the pavement and ****** in the missionary position, right there in front of the car. She was totally nude and I had my pants around my ankles.

A few people saw us but we didn't care. We ****** for a good ten minutes or so before we both came. Just as she was getting her pants on, a security car drove up and asked what we were doing. It was pretty obvious what we were doing of course, but the guy said that the management of the alley had complained and we needed to leave...which we did. It was awesome though.
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I love a woman that will **** anywhere like that. I had a gf once that let me **** her in the park, at the beach and at a drive in theater. We did it in a lot of other public places too.