In Mcdonald's

Once, the same girfriend that I ****** in the bowling alley parking lot, and I were in McDonald's. I started playing with her ***** under the table, reaching into her jeans. I fingered her for awhile, then opened her jeans all the way and finger ****** her.

I told her to lift up off the seat, and I pulled her jeans and panties to her knees. There wasn't anyone around us, as it was mid-morning and we sat around the corner from the counter in a booth.

I squeezed her boobs through her shirt and slid my fingers in and out of her. Getting more daring, I told her to take her pants off. She pushed her shoes off under the table, and slid her jeans and panties down and off. She was sitting there totally bottomless as I rubbed her **** fast. There were people in the place, but nobody looking right at us.

Just as she started to ***, I pulled her shirt up over her ****, exposing them as she bit into my arm to keep quiet.

Quickly she put her jeans and shoes on but left her panties under the table and we hauled *** out of there.
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Sweet!!! Too bad you didn't get her to suck you off while you were still there.