Sex At The Beach

A couple of days ago I went to the beach with my girlfriend and we soaked up the sun for a bit, but watching my girlfriend tan there in her tiny bikini started to turn me on.

I asked her to come into the water with me because I couldn't take it any longer. When we got in we started to kiss and cheekly lightly fondle each other. After a few minutes she lowered her hands into the water to untie my shorts and stroked my **** while I was also had my hands inside her tiny bikini botttoms rubbing her ****.

By now I was aching, so I iifted her up while she wrapped her legs around me pulled her bikini to the side and started to **** her in the water. It was exhilarating to slide my **** into her and have sex right there with people all around us. To others it "should" have only looked like we were passionately kissing, however as we were ******* she became more vocal and daring. She whispered things into my ear between her moans like "**** me like a *****" and "I'm a ****" etc. What made it better was the fact that when she gets into it, I know i can get her to do just about anything which included pulling her bikini top to the sides and exposing her breasts allowing me to suck on them while we ******.

So if anyone was watching and didn't know we were *******, at least they knew I was getting a face full of breasts. It was so much fun because at least one other couple near by were watching us the whole time.
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Jan 8, 2013