We Got Caught In A Semi-secluded Spot

My wife and I share a common interest for sex in public places. In general we stick to the more secluded places where anyone who, by chance, would pass by us, would think that they were disturbing a private moment of someone who thought they were alone. And usually we never meet anyone either.

We have done this on numerous occasions, but for us the most memorable moments were the 2 times where we actually got discovered. This is what happened on one of those 2 occasions:

It was a warm summers day, and my wife and I were both having a day off from work. This was also one of those occasions where both our kids were in kindergarten, so we had a rare opportunity for a girlfriend/boyfriend moment. We decided to spend that day on a "picnic" in a nearby park.

There also was a lot of sexual tension between the two of us, because based on past experience, we both knew we were not going to the park just to eat.

We also have this thing going on; She has a submissive side, and I like to take advantage of that, and she loves it whenever I take advantage of it. Nothing too extreme, she is into humiliation, but not pain, so when we left I chose some clothes I liked for her, and she put them on, with great anticipation.

It was a light blue and white summer dress, and underneath I wanted her to wear something sexy but still be readily "available" for me, so I told her to put on some black stockings and a garter belt to hold those up, but no panties!  And she put on a seethrough bra. (her **** are F size, so if she went braless,  her summer dress would look ill fitted on her. Otherwise I might have asked her to go braless as well.) On her feet she wore some light sandals/shoes with semihigh heels.

As soon as we arrived in the park we started hiking along a small trail through some sparse woods, the trail is mostly being used by people on bicycles or walking their dogs. But most of the time it is deserted.  There are hundreds of similar trails in this park, so the chances of someone walking along the same path as us that day were slim. Remember: this was a warm sunny day, most people were at work, and where we live (Oslo, Norway) we don't get too many of these warm sunny days, so people tend to stay on the trails that are in the sun when they can, and our trail was a somewhat shaded and cool one so we felt relatively confident that we were alone and would remain alone for some time.

After a while we found ourself a little grove with some buildings on it. There were no people there but these buildings are occasionally used for summer parties. There are facilities for seating guests for dinner parties in one of them, and there is a music pavilion there and actually a stage as well.

This was perfect for what I had in mind. I wanted some photos of my wife, and I didn't want them to show just trees in the background. Posing her in front of the buildings, pavilion, stage, etc. was a little more risque, and the openness of the grove added to the thrill.

So I talked my wife out of her clothes, piece by piece, while I made sure to get several shots of her for every layer of clothing she deposited on the ground. All the while she kept asking me when I was supposed to take off some clothes of my own, patience is not one of her stronger qualities, but I was in no hurry.

When she was down to just her stockings, sandals and garters I gestured for her to kneel in front of me. She knew the drill, and 3 seconds later my stunningly beautiful wife of 170cm and 65kg, with light blonde glistening hair hanging loose and covering her whole backside, and her pair of F-cup ****, unobscured by any clothes, decorating her front side, was on her knees, facing me with her back straight as a pin. Her thighs were spread as wide as she was able to, her chest was thrust forward, her hands held behind her on the small of her back, her chin held high and proud, and her eyes were downcast into the grass between us.

I took a moment to take in this beautyful sight, before I approached  a collar with a combination lock. There was a leash attached to the collar as well. She had worn the collar many times before, but it had been a while since our last opportunity, and never ever had I made her wear it in public like this.

She was trembling. She later told me she seriously considered making protests about the collar, thinking it was a bit "too much" out there in public, but as the saying goes: "in for a penny, in for a pound" so there were no complaints from her. At least no audible ones, hehe.

I put her scattered clothes (the dress, the bra, a belt, a scarf and a purse) into MY backpack and closed it with zipper and clasp. Then I tugged at her leash and she followed me, shivering of both fear, anticipation and lust, on all fours, like the little *****-in-heat that she was.

She thought we were only going for a short stroll around the grove, so when I started walking her along the path further off, in a direction we really hadn't had the chance to explore yet, her heart skipped a beat. But still she said nothing. I heard a barely discernable moan behind me though.

We walked like this for a good hundred yards, probably even more. When we passed a wooden bench I tugged on her leash making her climb onto the seat, still poised on her knees, but now with her arms stretched out to either side, along the backrest, and her *** pointed enticingly towards me, behind her.

I loosened the leash from the hook on her collar, looped the leash around the iron framework of the bench and on through the loop at its own end, tightening it, so that all I now had to do was to reattach the codewheel hook to her collar and then she was tied to the bench, much like a dog to a signpost at the entrance to a grocery store.

There was a loud gasp from her at the very instant she realized what I was about to do. The pose I had her sitting in, wearing clothes that were so slutty that she'd look more decent in her birthday suit, as well as a very humiliating collar and leash, tying her to the bench, that was how and where she were about to get fu(ked this time. And even if her leash were to be removed by me, her clothes were still in my backpack, meaning any effort to get dressed before she was seen would be fruitless. Her best hope, in that case, would be to sit down on the bench and cover herself as best she could with her hands and her lady-godiva-like hair, legs crossed.

The fact that I was still fully dressed didn't exactly diminish her humiliation either, and somewhat to her surprise, all of this had made her excited, and soaking wet.

Theres always something to be said for making the girl a little wetter though, and like I said before: unlike her, I was in no hurry! So instead of entering her, like she expected me to, I started running my hands all over her body. I ending up doing a good massage of her ****, before I let my fingers glide down to her *** and ***** where I kept stroking and fingering her for a while, as her moans got gradually longer and louder.

She was trembling from anticipation when I pulled my own zipper down and pulled out my "grower". I entered her, and I knew that with this level of excitement i couldn't possibly last long, but no matter, because after just a few seconds, we both heard the sound of a bicycle approaching. I pretended not to hear it, but I felt all the muscles in my wife's body tense. And then I heard her whimpering that she heard a bicycle, and that we had to stop quickly.

To her horror, my response was for her to remain exactly where she was, as I gathered her long hair in my fist and twirled it around so that i had a really good grip on her, making it easier to **** her harder while the bicycle passed us.

It was over in a matter of seconds, and actually at first it was a bit of a disappointment, because there was a guy riding the bicycle, and he acted as though we weren't there all. He didn't even turn his head back for a second look. This scared me as much as it scared her (there's alway a chance people get offended and call the cops) so I was determined to be done quickly, which wasn't much of a challenge for me, considering my level of excitement.

And  it got even higher when I heard the rustling of leaves and looked behind me to see someone quickly hiding in the bushes. I'll never know for sure, but I think it must have been our friend, the bicycle man, who had flung his bike somewhere nearby to come back and watch us. My knees turned to jelly as I reached my climax and spilled my seed into her.

Afterwards i stepped aside to give whoever it was, hiding in the bushes, a good view, while i finished my wife off using my hands and my tongue.

I later told her that I thought we might have had "company" when this went on and it freaked her out, because she had not been aware. The thing is... While we both enjoy getting caught like this every once in a while, she is more cautious about certain things than I am. And one of those things is being photographed by a voyeur passing by.

I comforted her by saying that i thought he was a bit far away to get a good shot with a common phone camera, besides no one would recognize us in a photo taken from behind anyway, and this seemed to calm her down a bit. But WE would be able to recognize ourselves... And if I ever came across a photo of us online, which was taken that day, it would be a major turn-on ;-)

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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I think I'll go for more bike rides this year! Wonderful story, I hope you two have many more wonderful adventures.

Being a voyeur as well as an exhibitionist myself I can see your point! ;-)

But, alas, I have not really experienced someone else doing this. I once saw a girl posing for / flashing her girlfriend, who was busy taking photos of her, on a brigde in copenhagen, I even took a photo of them, but they were across the street from us, and it was a heavily trafficked main road, so we were too far away to really see anything.