My First Time Ever!

after much kissing and groping under trees in reserves and parks my first time happened finally a week after my 18th birthday. i was hooking up with my friend sasha. we were drunk and ready for anything.
she took control and pushed me onto my back and undid my jeans and pulled my hard **** out.
she gave me the best blow job i have ever had (to this day) when i was almost at blowing point she slide up and sat on my ****. she wasnt wearing panties under her skirt and guieded me straght in.
i was in heaven as she rode me then giggled when i came inside her. she kept riding my hard **** her ***** milking me. was only a matter of minutes a cop walked through the park on his night time rounds needless to say we scarped rather quickly. ending up at her place to find her parents had to leave town suddenly leaving us to enjoy our last week of school holidays all alone together.
may not sound like much but still to this day the best sex i think i ever have had and i miss sasha a lot!
mailman777 mailman777
26-30, M
Jan 15, 2013