In An Alleyway

I had to go home and my boyfriend at the time agreed to take me up to my bus stop. He basically lived on the streets, staying with whatever friend he could and my parents hated him so he couldn't come back to mine. As we walked through an alley way, he told me to stop. I can't remember exactly how it happened, but he wanted to **** me right then and there before he dropped me off home. Having nowhere to go he got me to bend down on my knees. Luckily it was night time but we were just off a busy street, so i could see people nearby walking past. He got his **** out though and pulled my pants down enough so that my *** was exposed. He drove it into me from behind, and he was so big, it always caused me to wince, but I had to be quiet since we were in such a noticeable place, all somebody had to do was just look into the alley and see us. I tried not to look at them, and kept my head down or looked at the brick wall in front of me. It didn't take him long to ***, and I got back up and pulled my pants up. We walked out of the alley casually and up to my bus stop. It was the first time I had ever had sex in a public place where I could of been caught at any minute. But I soon learnt being with him, it was going to happen a lot.
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