Sex While Swimming

One afternoon last summer my wife and I took our waverunners out for an afternoon ride, It was a beautiful calm day on the bay and it was about 85 degrees. Well after a couple hours of riding we decided to stop and take a swim. In the area we live there is a peninsula that comes out into the bay that has beautiful sand beach beaches. It is a big hangout for boaters that either run there small boats up on shore or anchor them out in waist deep water and party and drink all day long. It is really not accessible by land so there are usually not people on the beach unless they are with there boat so it is a nice place to hang out for privacy and you do not have to worry about a lot of kids running around.

Well we stopped near a group of people that had there boats pretty much tied together, they had a volleyball net set up in the water and were drinking and having a good time. We anchored our waverunners a down from, we were not right in top of them but close enough to see that they were having a good time. On the other side of us there was no one just open water.

Once our waverunners were securely anchored we started swimming and we were in water that was deep to the point that is was just under our chest. Well as we swam and enjoyed the weather my wife came over and wrapped her legs around me and put her arms around my neck and started to kiss me a little. It did not take me long to wrap my arms around her and kiss here back. After a little time she took her arms off of me but kept her legs wrapped around me and we kind of floated there talking. As we talked I had my hands underwater running up and down the side of her body and I could tell she liked it. I then moved my hands to her hips and around to her ***. As I did this she was starting to grind on me a little and could tell I was starting to get hard. The more she moved back and forth on my lap the harder I got.

At that point my hands were moving all over her body, up to her breasts and down to her *** and every so often she would lean in for a kiss. At this point I was really hard and she knew it and reached down into my shorts and started stroking my ****, it felt so good in the cool water. She then pulled my shorts down just enough to expose my **** and then started grinding on me more, the feeling of her suit rubbing on my hard **** was great and all I wanted to do was be inside of her.

All this point the group of boaters had no idea what we were doing, to them it just looked like two people embracing and taking while swimming, my wife had her arms around my neck but was leaning back as she moved back and forth to tease me. Away from the beach there were boats going back and forth past us not close enough to see what we were doing but just the sight of them turned us on.

My wife knew she was driving me crazy and I could tell she was just as turned on as I so while I was running my hands all over her body I moved them down between her legs and pulled her suit to the side and slide my hard **** right inside of her. By the moan she let out I could tell she was enjoying herself. Now I was inside of her and she slowly moved back and forth on top of me and I continued to run my hands all over her body and started to pull the straps of her suit down her shoulders to expose her lovely breasts. We were in water just below our chest and I was sitting in the water with my knees bent so only our head and a little of our chest was exposed so she did not try to stop me as I pulled the straps down. One by one I pulled her breasts out just a little bit and saw her hard nipples looking back at me.

Now I was starting to take over, I had grabbed ahold of her hips and was thrusting into her and watching her face try to hold in the loud moans so the boaters near by would not hear ******. I do not think they would have because they were far enough away that they could see us but probably not hear or tell what we were doing unless they really paid attention but noise does carry over water and they were close enough to see use moving around.

This is not the first time my wife and I have had sex while swimming but what she did next really surprised me! As we were going at it I slowed down and she took her arms off of me and pushed herself away underwater leaving me there and swimming over to the two waverunners just a few feet from us. When she got there she pulled her suit straps totally off her shoulders and proceeded to pull her once piece suit completely off and placed it into one of the wells of the waverunners. At this point she was totally naked and swimming back over to me. When she got back to me she wrapped her legs around me and I slide right back inside of her.

Now she was leaning back, arms around my neck and I was holding her hips thrusting in and out and she came to the point of ****** and she would arch her back and her breasts would be almost fully exposed out of the waters. It did not take long and she would ****** again, now it was getting to the point that it was too much for me to handle. She had her back facing the other boaters and as I was thrusting inside of her I lifted her out of the water just enough for her breasts to come out and I exploded inside of her.

Like I said this is not the first time that we have had sex while swimming with others around but this is the first some that she ******** totally naked in the middle of the afternoon. It was a very memorable experience and I cannot wait until next summer!
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damn....what a HOTTTTTT wife