A Walk With My Crush

In High School I had a crush on this one guy in a band. We used to chat a bit online. A couple weekend nights I would come home drunk at 3am from a party and ask him to go for a walk, since he lived a couple blocks away. He always said no it was too late.

But one time he basically called me out on my crush. He asked why would I want to go for a walk at 3am and basically said he knew I liked him and asked if I was trying to hook up with him. I didn't lie, I told him I did and just wanted to go for a walk - whatever happens happens. He told me, he would go on a walk with me only if I wore a skirt with no panties. I agreed.

We met up and didn't do very much walking. Instead he led me over to a driveway behind a neighbors garage and we immediately started making out. He was a good kisser - real firm. He moved fast. We started making out, and his hands were all over my body. He went under my skirt to finger me. I was extremely wet at the situation and the fear of being watched/caught.

It wasn't long before he turned me around and ****** me from behind up against the fence. He reached around and played with my ****. He got me close, but I took over and had an ******. Then moved over to a small patch of grass and had sex missionary right off the main road until he finished.

That was the first of many "walks" that summer.
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31-35, F
Jul 26, 2013